Sustainability Report

Letter from the CEO - "Breaking the Chain of Infection"

Sustainability-Report titelAs we encounter increasingly complex environmental and social challenges, it is encouraging to see that our partners and customers are responding by demanding that sustainability be viewed as a core principle of manufacturing processes. At OPHARDT hygiene I’m a strong believer that we can meet the challenges that arise from this added responsibility as a producer of dispensing equipment. As we work toward a more sustainable future, we reflect on our company history to remind us that sustainability has always been at the heart of smart manufacturing organizations like OPHARDT hygiene.
Over the last 55 years, OPHARDT hygiene has carved out its reputation in the healthcare sector by continually manufacturing the most innovative, reliable, and long lasting dispensing products on the market.
Our ingo-man® dispenser, the #1 dispensing system in German hospitals, sets the benchmark for our sustainable product design, with early models still in use decades after their initial installation. We continue to innovate to provide more sustainable dispensing solutions, such as our WECO® human-powered dispenser,
which sends compliance data to a central database using energy generated each time a dispenser is manually activated. At the core of our company strategy is a steadfast belief in our mission statement: breaking the chain of infection, to live healthier in an increasingly globalized world. This mission statement reflects our ambition to provide health care workers and other end-users with access to life-saving infection
prevention tools.
As a global manufacturer, we recognize that human and environmental health go hand in hand; a healthy environment supports a healthy population. We are therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact to ensure future generations can live healthfully and prosperously in a resilient natural environment.
We believe that working smarter means constantly refining our products and operations to a point where we can improve our planet’s health and our customers’ experience at the same time. For our shared future, we remain committed to using resources responsibly, increasing efficiencies within our processes, and supporting the health and well-being of individuals in the communities in which we operate and beyond.
I am pleased to present our first annual Sustainability Report on behalf of the OPHARDT hygiene team. In this report, you can learn about our company, the many ways we support well-being and how we work to reduce our environmental footprint.
While we have worked hard to create sustainable value on a local and global scale, we recognize there is much more work we need to do. We seek to foster closer partnerships with our many stakeholders and we welcome their feedback in helping us to shape our sustainability strategies and initiatives moving forward.
Finally, I would like to thank everyone at OPHARDT hygiene for their tireless efforts in creating products that we can all be proud of, and their contributions to breaking the chain of infection.

Heiner Ophardt

pdf Summary Sustainability-Report

pdf Sustainability-Report