ingo-man®. The Original. Since 1967.

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Since the first ingo-man® dispenser generation was introduced in 1967, ingo-man® soap and disinfectant dispensers has been supporting generations of health care workers by providing opportunities for hand hygiene in health care facilities.


Thanks to constantly improved functionality and longevity, the ingo-man® brand has established itself as benchmark for high quality dispensers in hospitals and clinics.


Complete hygiene solutions for health care

Today, the ingo-man® plus series offers complete hygiene solutions for health care: 
A wide range of soap and disinfectant dispensers, paper towel dispensers, waste bins and a multitude of bracket systems to individually extend and configure the ingo-man® system, matching functionality with your needs.


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5yOur quality promise |
Starting from the delivery date, we offer a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for SanTRAL® and ingo-man® aluminium and stainless steel products which goes beyond the legal requirement of two-year general liability for material defects, provided products are used as intended and with original Ophardt hygiene parts.


warning-colourMore Compliance by visibility
With high visibility signal colours the ingo-man® plus Warning Colour actively attracts attention – Reminding all passers-by of the importance of hygienic hand disinfection in medical establishments. Implement visual highlights with the ingo-man® plus Warning Colour and actively promote sustainable hand hygiene in daily clinical practise.


Touch-free-dispenserTouchless Operation
You want a flexible dispenser solution, that combines the highest functionality, reliablity and longevity?
You need a dispenser that merges proven quality with the hygienic advantages of a touchless system?
Then the IMP Touchless is your dispenser system of choice.



The flexible dispenser system


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