Simple. Hygienic. Single Use Pumps.

Single Use pumps for hand hygiene dispensers

For the highest hygiene standard

The DHP disposable hygiene pump helps medical institutions improve hygiene and minimize processing costs. Designed with recycling in mind, the DHP is suitable for use with the ingo-man® plus and RX Series Euro bottle-compatible dispensers for hand disinfectants, soaps and lotions.

Protection against reuse

To support medical facilities in upholding the highest hygiene standards, the unique design of the DHP disposable pumps prevents reuse. If the pump is pulled out of the bottle for further use, the suction pipe loosens and falls into the bottle, rendering the pump unusable.


For the highest standard of hygiene according to the current DGKH and KRINKO recommendations

Hygienic package

from reuse

Fast installation

Compatible with
ingo-man® plus/smart and RX Dispensers

Cost optimization

For disinfectant, soap
and lotion

Professional Opinion

High hygiene standards, low costs

Reduce costs and improve hygiene standards with the disposable hygiene pump. This unique, single-use pump minimizes the need for resource-intensive medical reprocessing of stainless steel pumps, while ensuring that strict hygiene standards are adhered to through the pump's self-destruction when/if bottle replacement is attempted. The stem of the pump separates from the pump head and remains in the container when replacement is attempted for an empty soap, sanitizer or lotion bottle.

Disposable Hygiene Pumps for Euro bottles
Guidelines Single Use Pumps for Dispensers

Complies with the latest guidelines

The DHP disposable pumps comply with the latest recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute (KRINKO) regarding the use of dispenser systems for hand hygiene in medical facilities.

In its recommendation on the use of soap and hand disinfectant dispensers, the German Society for Hospital Hygiene also considers the use of disposable pumps to be advantageous.

In combination with manufacturer-independent, Euro-bottle-compatible dispenser systems, DHP disposable pumps are the first choice for 100 percent implementation of the defined guidelines.

Designed with the environment in mind

The DHP disposable pumps are made of completely recyclable plastic and do not require any metallic components. After single use, the pumps can be easily recycled.

Renewable energy: The innovative pumps are also generated from 100 percent renewable energy and effectively reduce the ecological footprint.

Recyclable pumps for hand hygiene


The introduction of disposable pumps enables us to optimize our clinic-wide hygiene management in the long term. The pumps are assessed positively by the hospital staff.

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Installation of the DHP disposable hygiene pump

Installing the DHP disposable hygiene pump is simple and hygienic. To install a DHP, the individual packaging of the pump is torn and used as a glove to insert the pump into the dispenser. The following video shows the installation step by step.

Compatible with...

ingo-man plus® Touchless
ingo-man plus® Touchless
ingo-man plus® manual
ingo-man plus® manual
RX 5 manual + Touchless
RX 5 manual + Touchless