The Benchmark for Public Washrooms

Washroom Dispenser for Soap and Disinfectant

The washroom series

Since 1991, the SanTRAL® stainless steel range has been the benchmark for public washroom dispensing. Through tireless evolution, in co-operation with our users and partners, SanTRAL® has more than adapted to the ever-changing requirements of the modern washroom. Over the years, SanTRAL® has continually set the standard for sustainability, quality and cost effectiveness. With its minimalistic Northern European design, this ‘Made in Germany’ series epitomizes robust, functional design while offering endless colour customization.

SanTRAL® Hygiene Stand

We’re expanding our SanTRAL® product family to include the new SanTRAL® Hygiene Stand, combining the reliable and robust features of the SanTRAL® Series with the mobility and flexibility of our existing hygiene stations. Especially suited to public areas, by placing this hygiene stand in entryways and heavily frequented areas you can support healthy hand hygiene and stop the spread of infections.

The new SanTRAL® hygiene stand offers maximum infection prevention.

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Signage for Public Sector

Signage for the public sector

Unique and easy to understand pictograms, featuring 12 popular motif designs. We offer first-class workmanship thanks to our specially developed, in-house production and emission-free powder coating process.

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RAL powder coating

Our standard housings are manufactured from stainless steel, powder coated in pure white, matte black or anti-fingerprint-coating. Our in-house powder-coating process is solvent and emission-free, providing excellent protection against mechanical wear.
Have a special colour in mind? Upon request, the entire SanTRAL® product range can be powder-coated in any of the 213 RAL Classic colours.
RAL Powder Coating


Interested in the stainless steel look, without all the cleaning and maintenance? All SanTRAL® stainless steel products are delivered with a state-of-the-art, durable, anti-fingerprint-coating. This special surface coating reduces visible fingerprints simplifying cleaning and care.

Quality guarantee

Since our first dispenser was prototyped in the 1960's, we've built our reputation around the quality of products we deliver to our customers. From the date of delivery, we offer a five-year manufacturer's warranty for all stainless steel products in the SanTRAL® series.
OPHARDT 5-year Warrenty
OPHARDT Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We work hard to provide customers with durable, high-quality products. The entire manufacturing process - from bending and welding, through to the final quality check - of the SanTRAL® series, takes place at our manufacturing location in the Lower Rhein region of Germany.

Always the right choice - SanTRAL®

Customize Your Dispenser With Laser Engraving

Build your brand with laser engraving

Further customize your dispenser series and establish your brand presence using laser engraving. Durable and resistant to abrasion, our contactless laser engraving process is available for the complete SanTRAL® series.


Present your logo with printing

Place your branding front-and centre. Print your company logo on the inside of the window to strengthen your brand's presence (only available for SanTRAL® products with fill level window).
Customize Your Dispenser With Printing
Vandalism-proof Dispenser

Clean and safe: vandalism-proof design

Do you require further protection against vandalism? We offer you flexibility in shape and size for all your vandalism-proof dispenser requirement, including compact dispensers with low filling volumes to meet space constrains, as well as dispensers with large filling requirements for heavily frequented washrooms.

To meet the highest safety requirements, our filling material containers and dosing pumps are available in a fire-retardant design, according to DIN 5510/2 and DIN 45545 standards.

Installation & Mounting