Multifunctional sensor faucet system

sensor controlled faucet for dental offices

Touchless made beautiful

Our sensor-driven, multifunctional faucet dispenses water, soap and disinfectant from one compact system. This intuitive touchless system needs little space to install. Available in wall-mounting or counter-mounting versions.


Sensor-controlled, multifunctional faucet system for the dispensing of water, soap and disinfectant

Intuitive, gesture-controlled operation

Space-saving, compact design

Powder-coating in all 213 RAL colours possible

Made of robust AISI 316
stainless steel

Visibly reduce fingerprints with anti-fingerprint-coating

Up to 70% water savings


The elegant infrared interface of the untouchable™ is based on a simple concept: select above, receive under; By swiping above the untouchable™ the faucet cycles through the available liquids. When the desired liquid has been selected, place hands under the faucet and the liquid is dispensed.
Soap, water and disinfectant non-contact faucet
Individualization hand hygiene faucet

Custom Colours

The body of the untouchable™ can be powder coated in any of the 213 RAL colours. Our state-of-the-art powder coating facility can quickly customize any faucet order, large or small, to match your colour scheme. To complete your washroom’s unique look, the colour you choose can be coated onto any other OPHARDT Hygiene dispenser, waste bin, or metal accessory.


OPHARDT Hygiene's renowned Anti-Fingerprint-Coating (AFP) can be applied to the stainless steel body of the untouchable™. When coated in AFP, the faucet maintains its clean, elegant look despite accidental contact. The remarkable reduction in visible fingerprints significantly reduces cleaning time and maintenance.
Design faucet for washroom
Purus Innovation Award and German Design Award

Award-Winning Innovation

Its intuitive product concept and elegant design make the untouchable™ a real winner. The multifunctional sensor faucet system was awarded with CMS Purus Award 2017 and the German Design Award 2019.

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One faucet and endless possibilites

Water, soap and disinfectant

  • Intuitive interface, allows for swiping between three mediums.
  • Available with hygiene flush
  • For use in healthcare clinics, kitchens, offices, and industry.
Hand washing and hand disinfection

Soap and disinfectant

  • Intuitive interface, allows for swiping between two mediums. No water.
  • Functions as a soap and disinfectant dispenser next to a faucet.
  • For use in a wide range of settings including healthcare, kitchens, industry, and public washrooms.
Soap and disinfectant for hand hygiene

Water and soap

  • Intuitive, interface allows for swiping between and selecting two mediums, including water.
  • Available with hygiene flush.
  • For use in healthcare clinics, kitchens, offices and industry.
Water and soap for hand washing

Water and soap duo

  • Two separate faucet systems - one water only faucet and one soap-only faucet.
  • Available with hygiene flush
  • For use in almost any setting including healthcare clinics, kitchens, offices, industry, and public washrooms
Water and soap for hand washing faucet

the untouchable™ | Product Video

the untouchableis the new touch free dispenser which has set a new standard in the market for convenient, hygienic hand washing.