Product longevity has long been our philosophy at OPHARDT hygiene; our products are built to last. It is our commitment to continue to use the resources we consume in a responsible and efficient manner. We achieve this through a systematic review of our activities to address areas of potential improvement and incorporating the latest innovations in technology into our design and manufacturing processes.



As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering a thriving environment, all OPHARDT hygiene locations are continuously working to reduce GHG emissions across our operations and supply chain.  We prioritize energy efficiency and conservation initiatives, support projects that favour increased reliance on renewable energy, and are taking action to ensure our distribution channels and suppliers produce fewer GHG emissions. 


We recognize the importance of responsible resource use and the design of products that successfully contribute to circular economies. To do our part, we are changing the way we think about manufacturing, and the management of the waste we produce. We are continuously investing in more efficient manufacturing technologies to produce less waste in our operations and seek to engage with our supply chain on waste reduction initiatives.



We recognize water as an essential, shared resource that must be managed wisely to guarantee current and future generations continued access to a clean, safe, and plentiful supply.  We are therefore committed to using water resources responsibly within our operations.  We continuously strive to increase water efficiencies, and invest in technologies that allow us to reduce water consumption where possible. 


Biodiversity is an essential component to both human and environmental health.  Healthy and biologically diverse ecosystems maintain the necessary conditions for life on Earth, from the food we eat to the air we breathe.  We are committed to understanding and managing our impacts.  We work to raise awareness within the company and community by taking part in activities that highlight the importance of biodiversity in our everyday lives.


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Sustainability Reporting.

In 2018, we published our second annual Sustainability Report, based on the internationally recognized standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our report contains detailed information on social and environmental issues relating to all six of our company's manufacturing locations.