Flexible and customizable hygiene solutions.

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A clean and hygienic home away from home

The problem: clean and hygienic facilities are key in creating a great experience for guests.

Hotels offer a home away from home, a place to sleep while on a business trip or on vacation. With guests from all over the world staying in hotels, maintaining clean and hygienic facilities is essential to interrupt the transmission of infections and provide a safe hotel stay. Clean and hygienic facilities are also key in creating a great impression for guests, enticing them to return.

The solution: flexible and customizable hygiene solutions.

Hotels require a diverse set of hygiene and dispensing solutions to meet their requirements. We offer a wide range of hygiene and dispensing solutions for lobbies and reception areas, kitchens, public washrooms, guest washrooms, and more. With bulk-fill and cartridge based systems, we have the right solutions to meet your needs. Customize our products to suit your brand and compliment your space beautifully.

Our Solutions

Versatility in Dispensers

The versatility of OPHARDT dispensers ensures that you never miss a hand hygiene opportunity and that your guests stay healthy and happy. Whether you need sanitizer dispensers on stands for high traffic areas, or modular shampoo, conditioner and body wash dispensers to enhance an in-room shower, OPHARDT has a solution for you.

Papierhandtuchspender für Lebensmittelindustrie und HACCP
Papierhandtuchspender für Lebensmittelindustrie und HACCP

Hospitality Dispenser

The H3 dispenser series offers a flexible solution for showers, washrooms lobbies and more for the hospitality industry and beyond. This modular dispenser is wall mounted as a single, double or triple unit, perfect for anywhere hygiene is a priority. Recyclable, refillable, and ready to make an impression, the H3 dispenser is a perfect alternative to wasteful mini shampoo bottles.

Hygienespender für Lebensmittelbereich

Hygiene stations for entrance areas

Support infection prevention upon entering and exiting the building. Well-placed hand hygiene stations in entrance ways, lobbies, and corridors gives everyone the opportunity to disinfect their hands, creating a more hygienic, safer hotel experience.

Choice of filling good

Refillable or cartridge systems allow for seamless integration into your maintenance operation. OPHARDT Hygiene boasts a number of time-saving cartridge systems as well as economical bulk fill dispensing systems for any environment.

Hygienespender für Lebensmittelbereich
Hygienespender für Lebensmittelbereich

Digital washroom

The SMART Washroom system of tomorrow is here today. OPHARDT is a leading innovator in dispensing, so it should come as no surprise that the new OPHARDT Washroom Monitoring System (OWMS) supports increased hygiene and efficiency for public washrooms. Never worry about your dispensers running out of soap, sanitizer or paper towels again with this ground breaking new connected technology.

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