Robust solutions for industrial operations.

hand hygiene in industrial environments

Hand hygiene in industrial environments

The problem: repeated contact with irritants can lead to skin damage
Individuals working in industrial environments may be exposed to a variety of skin irritants throughout the course of their daily activities, especially on their hands. Daily contact with dirt, coarse dust particles, grease, and chemicals can irritate or strain the skin. Left untreated, repeated exposure to skin irritants can lead to skin damage, loss of working hours, or in the worst case, long-term incapacity to work. In the US and Europe skin diseases account for 16% and 7% of all occupational disease, respectively, representing lost earnings for workers and employers alike.

The solution: healthy skin for healthy hands
Reduce the impact of skin irritants and maintain healthy hands by integrating skin care into your daily routine. Regular use of skin care, skin protection and skin cleansing products is essential for healthy skin and healthy hands. We offer a diverse range of robust dispensers and dosing pumps to suit your every application, including pumps for soaps, lotions, highly viscous products, abrasive agents, and more.

Our solutions

Hygienespender für Lebensmittelbereich

Digital washroom

Say goodbye to empty dispensers and hello to increased customer satisfaction and cost savings with the OPHARDT Washroom Monitoring System (OWMS). Using the OWMS system, monitor fill levels in dispensers and waste bins to optimize servicing and maintenance, making sure visitors always have access to hand hygiene requirements.

Hygienespender für Lebensmittelbereich

Hygiene stands for highly frequented entrance areas, corridors and foyers.

All public buildings, including schools, healthcare facilities, and offices should have hand hygiene stations placed at their entrances, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Targeted solutions for professional applications

Do you use special hand cleaners that are highly viscous or abrasive? We have the right solution for you. Our SanTRAL® dispenser series features a line for industrial hand cleaners with a robust, lockable, dishwasherproof stainless steel housing. Open, refillable, or closed, cartridge systems are available to suit your every application.

Dispenser for grit and abrasive products
Paper towel dispenser for industrial applications

Drying hands: an important part of hygiene

Thoroughly drying your hands is an essential component of effective hand hygiene, as damp hands provide the perfect breeding ground for germs. With our high-quality stainless-steel paper towel dispensers we offer the perfect solution to meet the needs of industrial environments.

Quality guarantee

Since our first dispenser was prototyped in the 1960's, we've built our reputation around the quality of products we deliver to our customers. From the date of delivery, we offer a five-year manufacturer's warranty for all stainless steel products in the SanTRAL® series.
OPHARDT 5-year Warrenty

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