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nosokomiale Infektionen in Europa

Effective hygiene to prevent infections

The problem: nosocomial infections burden healthcare systems

Nosocomial infections pose a significant threat to healthcare institutions around the world. From a patient perspective, they pose a threat to successful treatment, and can cause additional suffering. From an economic perspective, infections increase costs as a result of prolonged patient stays. Hygiene experts agree that the most effective weapon for the reduction of these hospital-acquired infections is hand hygiene.

The solution: measuring and communicating hand hygiene compliance

In order to improve hand hygiene behaviour over the long-term, hygiene professionals require reliable compliance data. With the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS), hygiene professionals can access information on hand hygiene behaviour around the clock. This complete hygiene solution consists of software and hardware that automatically record information on dispenser activation, including time, location, and volume of product dispensed. Continuous recording of data enables constant analysis, which supports medical institutions in providing targeted feedback to staff, and improving dispenser infrastructure to ensure infection prevention tools are available where they are needed most.




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The digitalization of hand hygiene is making its way into our healthcare systems. In our webinar, learn more about how intelligent dispenser systems and software can help hygiene managers prevent infections in hospitals.
Software Data Hand Hygiene in Hospitals


This groundbreaking software visualizes hand hygiene data. It does this by aggregating dispenser data in a locally installed message collector, and transferring that data to the OHMS web application.

Hygiene Data available 24/7

Easy import of patient day with optimised interfaces

Detailed Analysis

Standard Reports with the most important information

Professional Opinion


The smart dispensers record the dispenser ID, the corresponding time stamp and the amount dispensed for each hygiene event. The usage data is automatically transmitted to the central evaluation system. All ingo-man® smart dispensers are designed to be compatible with the Euro bottle standard. They also offer simple pump and packaging removal, autoclavable housing, and an extensive range of accessories.

Manual hand hygiene dispenser

KX Smart (Coming soon)

Intelligent cartridge dispenser


• Hygienic, touchless technology
• Measures hand hygiene events
• Active fill level measurement
• Reliable battery level measurement
• Over-the-air (OTA) updates
• Feedback-LED to improve hand hygiene quality
• 500/750ml touchless KX devices available in August – 1,000/1,250ml coming soon



• Drip tray
• Wall cover plate
• Dispenser stand

ingo-man® SmartNose

the smart, retrofittable unit


  • Intelligent 'nose' panel
  • Compatible with 500 ml ingo-man® plus dispensers
  • Installed in just a few seconds
  • Integrated feedback LED signals when required volume of product has been dispensed
  • Integrated low-battery level LED
  • Fill level calculation with bottle-change alarm
  • Encrypted WLAN communication
  • Easy configuration and over-the-air firmware updates
  • Ideal with the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System®
Feedback hand hygiene and healthcare workers
Smart hand hygiene dispenser

ingo-man® smart

intelligent from the start


  • With ingo-man® SmartNose
  • Integrated feedback LED signals when required volume of product has been dispensed
  • Integrated low-battery level LED
  • With short (IMS E) or long (IMS ELS) stainless steel operating lever
  • Housing made of aluminum, stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum
  • Incl. DHP disposable hygiene pump, ideal for best measuring results
  • Different dosing pumps available for other applications
  • Easy pump exchange due to front removal
  • For 500 ml Euro bottles
  • Fill level calculation with bottle change alarm
  • Encrypted WLAN communication
  • Easy configuration over-the-air firmware updates

ingo-man® smart e-pro

Sustainable intelligence


  • Robust housing
  • With long, hygienic stainless steel operating lever
  • Green-Technology: Energy for data transmission is generated by pressing the operating lever
  • For 500 ml and 1000 ml Euro bottles
  • Bottle empty warning alarm via OHMS software
  • Easy configuration and over-the-air firmware updates
Smart Hand Hygiene Dispenser for Hospitals
Touchless Hand Hygiene Dispenser wit data

ingo-man® smart touchless

touch free and smart


  • Touchless technology prevents cross-contamination
  • With 5 type D batteries
  • Emergency lever guarantees functionality if batteries fail
  • For 500 ml and 1,000 ml Euro bottles
  • Robust housing
  • Bottle empty alarm
  • Easy configuration and over-the-air firmware updates 

Measured Benefits of OHMS


Increase in hand disinfectant consumption.


Reduction in nosocomial infections.


Reduction in antibiotic treatment days.

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OHMS in clinical trials

OHMS User Report

OPHARDT Hygiene is a global leader in the field of dispensing systems and hand hygiene compliance solutions. We invited medical professionals to speak about their experiences with the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS). Find out how Europe's leading hand hygiene monitoring system for healthcare facilities is used to save lives.