Custom OPHARDT Dispensers

The most advanced dispensers in the world.

OPHARDT Dispensers

Dispensers are a fantastic way to promote proper hand hygiene in public and private spaces. By enabling accurate, consistent and reliable dosing from dispensers the world we live in is becoming a safer and healthier place to live.


OPHARDT hygiene is proud to produce some of the best and most advanced dispensers in the world. Making high quality dispensers for every environment imaginable is how we keep true to our promise to break the chain of infection. Whether you need secure and robust dispensers for high traffic areas or a low cost option to ensure maximum coverage, OPHARDT hygiene can offer a durable, stylish and effective dispenser that you can be proud to have in your facility.

The Ultimate Custom Solution

Refill Flexiblity

OPHARDT dispensers offer options with both bulk fill and cartridge systems. Our cartridge systems are designed for those looking for increase security with quick and easy formula replacement. Bulk fill systems allow for increased formula savings for all areas where precise and accurate dispensing is needed. 


Material Flexbility

OPHARDT hygiene offers dispensers in plastic, stainless steel and aluminum housing to suit every environment. For areas that require extra durability and robustness, our Stainless dispensers offer high quality strength that stand up to any challenge with a 5 year warranty. Our plastic dispensers offer versatility and customizability unlike any other dispensers and our Aluminum IngoMan line set the standard for hand hygiene in healthcare. 

Touchless and Smart Technology

OPHARDT hygiene is always looking to use the latest available technology to help break the chain of infection. We are currently producing connected dispensers with SMART technology to help monitor hygiene in healthcare settings, something that has been proven to help increase hand hygiene. Our SMART technology is also applied to public washrooms spaces where fill level sensing ensures that washrooms are always stocked with products and running efficiently.

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