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As the Dispensing Experts, high quality pumps are a major focus for OPHARDT hygiene. Many circumstances require accurate, reliable and consistent dosing, and OPHARDT pumps can be counted on to deliver each and every time. Our team of engineers and product developers meticulously test formula, environment and a wide variety of factors in order to deliver the perfect pump for our OEM partners. No matter how viscous or in what output format you require, OPHARDT will design a pump that will provide the results you are looking for.

The Ultimate Custom Solution

38mm Pump Series

individualization hand hygiene dispenser


More and more people are falling in love with foam! OPHARDT hygiene foaming pumps are engineered to deliver a rich and luxurious foam that will make hand washing as easy as it is effective.


Foaming hand sanitizers are quickly growing in popularity. OPHARDT hygiene takes great pride in our ability to provide an exceptional alcofoam experience for those looking to sanitize their hands and protect from potentially harmful pathogens.
Customized hand hygiene dispenser
individualization hand hygiene dispenser

Lotion / Gel

Consistency and reliability are hallmarks of OPHARDT hygiene pumps. We proudly offer a wide variety of pumps in various dispensing amounts that dispense liquid soaps, alco-gel, shampoo, creams and sanitizers accurately and consitently.

Heavy Duty

OPHARDT hygiene produces pumps that are suitable for high viscosity products which can include grit. After cleaning your hands after a hard days work, the last thing you want to worry about it the performance of your soap dispensers. Luckily the quality and durability of OPHARDT heavy duty pumps removes this concern all together.
Customized hand hygiene dispenser
individualization hand hygiene dispenser


OPHARDT hygiene designs spray pumps that deliver accurate and consistent dosing each and every time. OPHARDT hygiene has a wide variety of spray pumps available that will ensure your dispensing experience is the same for each and every activation.
KX Dispenser

X Pumps

What is the benefit of having consistent and accurate dosing from your soap or sanitizer dispenser? Proper Hand Hygiene, of course! The world has faced a stark reminder of the importance of proper hand hygiene and the lifesaving effect that it can have when done properly. A big part of proper hand hygiene is ensuring that you have the correct amount of formula each and every time you wash your hands and OPHARDT pumps have been built on their reputation for quality, durability and consistence since their inception.

OPHARDT hygiene recognizes the need to be adaptable and accommodating for the various environments where hand hygiene is a concern.This is why we design and manufacture a wide variety of pumps that can be tailored to the most specific of circumstances.

Clean Tip Technology

No one wants to deal with a pump that spills formula where it is not desired. Clean Tip Technology from OPHARDT hygiene has the solution for this problem. By having the formula slightly recede into the dispensers after every activation, our pumps ensure that no formula is dripped or wasted after use.
Customized hand hygiene dispenser
individualization hand hygiene dispenser

Air Blast

No mess, no worries. Thick, sticky products need a different technology to keep product from dripping. Instead of pulling in product, like our patented clean tip technology does after each dispense, air blast cuts through tough high-viscosity products. After dosing, this patented technology ejects a high-velocity stream of air that prevents stringy residues from trailing off the end of the pump.

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