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The internet of things may have no better place than in hand hygiene. At OPHARDT Hygiene we are fully committed to offering innovative, connected solutions that improve hand hygiene by offering reliable data and practical functions.

For healthcare institutions, the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS), is a powerful tool for increasing hand hygiene compliance, reducing hospital-acquired infections and saving lives while also saving costs.

Our OPHARDT Washroom Monitoring System (OWMS) creates efficiencies and improves user experiences in managing washroom facilities.

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Medical Hygiene Monitoring

OHMS for medical institutions

With the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS), we offer a complete hardware and software solution for assessing and improving hand hygiene behavior. Intelligent, WiFi-enabled disinfectant dispensers continuously record every single activation. This data is available around the clock via web-based software. With this data, hygiene experts can identify and remedy weak points in dispenser infrastructure and provide staff with targeted training on hand hygiene behaviour.


Washroom Monitoring


Smart solutions for public washrooms

Fully stocked hand care and paper products in a washroom are critical components of a positive washroom experience. Data transmission of dispenser fill levels, battery levels, and activations in public washrooms can streamline and improve experiences for customers and facility managers.

With our OPHARDT Washroom Monitoring System®, we offer fully integrated smart hand care solutions. In addition to dispensers equipped with sensor technology, our web-based software enables data extraction for peak usage and expected fill-time predictions.


  • Intelligent dispenser with 24/7 fill level monitoring
  • Washroom efficiency optimization
  • More satisfied washroom customers
  • Automated reordering
  • Available forecasts for facility managers

Third-Party Solution


Customer-specific Solutions

Our expansive smart device portfolio, and advanced IOT core are built to seemlessly integrate with other systems. Whether you build custom software that leverages our dispenser data, or your clients have pre-existing software that can benefit from dispenser data, OPHARDT Intelligent solutions are built to be flexible.