Elegantly showcase your washroom

SanTRAL NSU 11 Touchless  -  The Midnight Series

The Series in a new design

Since 1991, the SanTRAL® stainless steel range has been the benchmark for public washroom dispensing. Through tireless evolution, in co-operation with our users and partners, SanTRAL® has more than adapted to the ever-changing requirements of the modern washroom.

The robust quality you've come to expect from the SanTRAL® range is now available in a new, modern design. This "Made in Germany" Midnight Series is sure to impress, with its stylish, eye-catching matte black powder-coated finish.


The SanTRAL®  series offers unique advantages.

Made in Germany

Anti-vandalism function

Modern matte finish 

Modular system

5 years manufacturer warranty




Timeless, intuitive Design

Always the right choice - SanTRAL®

Customize with colours

Are you interested in a unique dispenser to fit your washroom? Create a unique atmosphere that will leave users with a positive experience, thanks to the endless variety of colours offered by the SanTRAL® series.

We powder-coat in all 213 RAL Classic colours.

Customize Your Dispenser With RAL Powder Coating
Customize Your Dispenser With Laser Engraving

Build your brand with laser engraving

Further customize your dispenser series and establish your brand presence using laser engraving. Durable and resistant to abrasion, our contactless laser engraving process is available for the complete SanTRAL® series.


Present your logo with printing

Place your branding front-and centre. Print your company logo on the inside of the window to strengthen your brand's presence (only available for SanTRAL® products with fill level window).
Customize Your Dispenser With Printing