The Custom Dispenser Platform.

Get a fully bespoke dispenser. At a fraction of the cost.

Our technology inside + your design outside = a custom dispenser program with lower developments costs that gets to market faster.

X10 Diagram X10 Diagram
Need a custom dispenser?

At the heart of the X10 is a simple idea: let us take care of the most costly, complex, and time-demanding part of building a custom dispenser.

Choose Touchless or Manual

Our QuietDrive+ touchless tech is strong, silent, and battery-efficient. All X10 dispensers support multiple dosages (.5, 1, 1.5 ml) and can be built with a custom lockout.

Design a cover and backplate

With support from us, design a unique face for your dispenser that embodies your brand.

Go to market

Gain access to exclusive OPHARDT technology and go to market faster.

Packed with a portfolio
of exclusive technologies.

Whether you choose a touchless or manual, you will get access
to the best of OPHARDT Hygiene's latest technologies.

X10 Touchless Exploded Illustration X10 Manual Exploded Illustration
Quiet Drive

Our quietest technology, making powerful dispensing whisper-quiet.

Smart Device

Measurably improve hygiene, provide powerful intelligent features and connect these dispenser to your smart software via our IOT Cloud.

Multi Dose

Optimize dosing levels, with 0.5ml, 1ml, and 1.5ml.

Clean Tip

Innovative drip-free dispensing, make cleaning up drips a thing of the past.

Options for days.

The accommodating type. With so many options to choice from,
the X10 is our most flexible dispensing system ever made.

Whether you are looking to create a dispenser that is manual or touchless,
standard or smart, cartridge-based or refillable, with rigid or collapsible bottles,
the X10 can support all of the above.

Pumping out 
incredible impressions.

Produce dreamy foam and alco-foam
that has both industry-leading air-to-liquid ratios
and superb effeciency.
Pumps for the planet.
Made with PCR plastic.
One of the most pressing recycling needs is creating a market for recycled plastics.
We are committing to be a part of the solution and have included post-consumer plastics inevery X10 pump.

Protect people and
protect your investment.

Securing X10 pumps and bottles together is a snap. With one, simple connection, the pump and bottle require excessive force to separate. This makes it extremely difficult to refill and reuse. This secure snap ensures that only your product gets used in your bottles, while keeping people safe from tampered product.
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Custom Lockout means stuffing can stuff it.

The X10 gives you next level peace of mind. This patented system gives each customer a unique key with male and female parts located directly on the pump and in the dispenser platform. Your dispensers and product will be only ones that work with each other.

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