ingo-man plus®

The professional hygiene series.

ingo-man® plus

The professional hygiene series.

ingo-man plus

The professional hygiene series.

The ingo-man® series offers a complete range of professional hygiene tools for hygiene-sensitive environments.

Developed in close collaboration with medical professionals, the ingo-man® series has become the industry benchmark.

As the #1 dispensing system in German-speaking markets for decades, the series has builti its reputation on the core principles of absolute contact minimization, unmatched reliability, and complete flexibility.

The ingo-man® product family includes a range of soap and disinfectant dispensers, paper towel dispensers, waste bins and a constantly growing range of holding solutions that enable hygiene at the point-of-care.

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ingo-man® plus.

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The ingo-man® range is backed by an unbeatable series of stainless steel and plastic-based pumps. We offer autoclavable or single-use pumps designed for any liquid. Learn more.



Unrivalled quality and reliability. From delivery date on, we offer a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for PRAESIDIO®, SanTRAL® and ingo-man® aluminium and stainless steel products.*

*Plastic devices and pumps excluded.


ingo-man plus

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Euro Bottle

OPHARDT hygiene's "open-source" bottle system enables users the freedom to choose any supplier, increasing competition and reducing costs. Learn more.

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Hi-Vis Colours

High visibility colours actively attracts attention, and reminds users about the importance of hand disinfection in daily clinical practice.

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Endless accessories.

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Waste Bins.

The ingo-man® stainless steel waste bin series comes in a variety of sizes - from 6 - 100 litres. Recessed lids and foot-operated, soft-close features prevent hand contact and maximize hygiene.

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Paper Towel Dispensers.

Paper towels offer the highest standard of hygiene for healthcare settings. Our line of stainless steel, aluminum or copper paper towel dispensers dispense any type of paper - layerfold, v-fold, z-fold or Interfold. No matter the situation, these durable dispensers offer a solution from 300 - 750 sheet volumes.

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Point-of-care Solutions.

We offer flexibility with dispenser systems. Whether a point-of-care mounting bracket or a bracket system for glove dispensers, OPHARDT hygiene has the solution for you.