The new standard for public hygiene.


The new standard for public hand hygiene.

The new standard for public hygiene.

The PRAESIDIO® offers users a convenient opportunity for touchless hand hygiene to prevent infections. In addition to its elegant, high-quality design, the PRAESIDIO® offers a wide range of features: adjustable dosing quantity, hygienic spray chamber, integrated drip tray and viewing window for product filling level control.

An optional stand enables flexible positioning of the PRAESIDIO® in corridors and highly frequented entrance areas for effective infection prevention.


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Intuitive Operation

The PRAESIDIO® is a natural choice for high-traffic public areas thanks to its ease of use and intuitive, contact-free operation. Users simply place their hands under the well-marked spray chamber to recieve disinfectant.

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Easy Maintenance

Featuring a side-mounted viewing window for product level control and long-lasting battery life, maintaining the PRAESIDIO® is a breeze. Product refill is made easy through the front-opening panel and bottle exchange can be carried out in a few simple steps.


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Attractive Design

The attractive and hygienic product design of the PRAESIDO® can be integrated into many different environments due to its simple, geometric shape. Learn more.

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Good Coverage, No Aerosol

The PRAESIDIO's patented showerhead pump ensures good coverage over user's hands, without the use of aerosols.