Hand hygiene made easy.

RX 5 Series

Hand hygiene made easy.

Hand hygiene made easy.

Manual or touchless – the RX dispenser line is a flexible and economical range for any medical practice or patient area. Whether you’re looking for a dispenser for intensive care units or the hospital lobby, the RX series offers wall mounting, countertop/trolley, or hygiene stand solutions - enabling proper hand hygiene in every location. With a robust plastic housing, compatibility with disposable hygiene pumps and packaging (conforming with the latest hygiene regulations and standards), and optional hygiene station accessories, this dispenser series offers everything you need for a complete hygiene solution.

Hand hygiene easy


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Disposable Hygiene Pumps

RX dispensers are compatible with the DHP pump and provide a high standard of hygiene while at the same time being easy to use during pump replacement. Learn more.

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Adjustable Strokes

In the touchless version of the RX dispenser model, users can adjust the number of strokes per activation to meet their requirements.


RX 5 M

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Euro Bottle

OPHARDT hygiene's "open-source" bottle system enables users the freedom to choose any supplier, increasing competition and reducing costs. Learn more.

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Flexible Positioning

The RX 5 T provides opportunities for hand disinfection in a wide range of situations: from placement at the reception desk to use on a dressing trolley in medical applications.

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