SanTRAL® Classic


The Benchmark for Public Washrooms

Washroom Dispenser for Soap and Disinfectant

The washroom series

Since 1991, the SanTRAL® Classic stainless steel range has been the benchmark for public washroom dispensing. Through tireless evolution, in co-operation with our users and partners, SanTRAL® Classic has more than adapted to the ever-changing requirements of the modern washroom. Over the years, SanTRAL® Classic has continually set the standard for sustainability, quality and cost effectiveness. With its minimalistic Northern European design, this ‘Made in Germany’ series epitomizes robust, functional design while offering endless colour customization.

Durable and interchangeable containers

All SanTRAL® dispenser systems are equipped with high-quality, durable pumps. The new generation of the SanTRAL® Classic series is especially flexible: want to dispense foam soap instead of liquid soap? Want to convert your dispenser system to alcohol disinfectant? No problem! The modular SanTRAL® Classic series makes swapping in different pumps or containers fast and simple, giving you peace of mind that your dispensers will meet today's needs—and tomorrow's.

ingo-man plus
ingo-man plus

State-of-the-art robotics for a stronger product

By producing our products with advanced welding robots, we can ensure an obsessive level of quality. It enables us to achieve high-precision seams for maximum strength and durability. This means you can confidently place our products in high-traffic areas that are at high-risk of vandalism. These products aren't just tough as nails—they are also low-maintenance: precision seams makes cleaning easier and leaves fewer places for dirt to hide.


The power of colours

Create a unique atmosphere that will leave users with a positive
experience, thanks to the endless variety of colours offered by
the SanTRAL® series.
We powder coat all 213 RAL Classic colours and more.

Customize Your Dispenser With Printing
Customize Your Dispenser With Laser Engraving

Refinement through logo engraving

Use laser engraving and refine your selection from the SanTRAL®
complete series by engraving your company logo or pictogram
on the housing:

Branding: Your Logo in focus

Highlight your brand by printing your company logo on the inside
of the viewing window (only available for SanTRAL® Classic products
with viewing window) or on the smart module window of the
SanTRAL® Plus series.
Customization options help strengthen your brand!

Customize Your Dispenser With Printing
Vandalism-proof Dispenser

Clean and safe: vandalism-proof design

Require protection against vandalism? Whether you need a low-volume, compact dispenser for constrained spaces like hospital rooms or smaller school or office washrooms, or a large-volume solution for high-traffic washrooms in shopping malls, stadiums, or public transit—we offer you flexibility in form and size.

Our dispenser systems are designed for areas that are particularly prone to vandalism. To meet the highest security requirements, our dispenser containers and dosing pumps are available in a fire-retardant design according to DIN 5510/2 and DIN 45545 standards.


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SanTRAL® Classic

Spendersysteme und Hygienelösungen für öffentliche Waschräume und Industrie