The benchmark for public washrooms


Der Maßstab für öffentliche Waschräume.


The washroom complete range.

Launched in 1991, the SanTRAL® stainless steel range has been the benchmark for public washroom dispensing. Our innovative product design enables users an intuitive and enjoyable experience while interacting with OPHARDT hygiene washroom devices.

With its minimalistic Northern European design, this ‘Made in Germany’ design series epitomizes robust, functional design while offering endless colour customization. Through tireless evolution SanTRAL® continues to meet the ever-changing requirements of the modern washroom.

Over the years, SanTRAL® has continually set the standard for sustainability, quality and cost effectiveness



The SanTRAL® series offers unique advantages.

Made in Germany

Anti-vandalism function


Modular system

5 years manufacturer warranty




Modern Design

Improve Health and Well-being




Foster a Thriving Environment


Are you interested? Further details about SanTRAL® Series:

SanTral Waschraum

Always the right choice - SanTRAL® !

The power of colours

We see colours everywhere and always around us, but do you ever stop and think about the effect of these colours? Whether it's the calming effect of a blue sky or green fields, each color appeals to an emotion. It is a science (and art) that deals with the meanings of different colors. As an entrepreneur or designer, it is indispensable to be aware of these color meanings in order to choose colors sensibly and to harness the magical power of color psychology. Take advantage of the possibility of atmospheric design of your washrooms through the color variety of the SanTRAL® series and create a feel-good environment that will be remembered by the users. The RAL Classic colour range comprises 213 colours.


Refinement through logo engraving

Use laser engraving and refi ne your selection from the SanTRAL® complete series by engraving your company logo or pictogram on the housing.

The advantages of laser engraving are obvious:

  •  Versatility in the type of marking
  •  Durable and insensitive to abrasion, acid, etc.
  •  Gentle on the material as the engraving takes place without contact
  •  Cost-effective, as little effort is required
  •  Environmentally friendly as no lacquers, acids, solvents or other chemical additives are used.


Branding: Your logo in focus

By printing your company logo on the inside of the window (only available for SanTRAL® products with a level control window), you can increase the popularity of your brand many times over. Zum sogenannten Branding gehören neben dem Logo, auch die Unternehmensfarben, eine definierte Schriftart, die Kommunikation mit der Zielgruppe, die Mission und noch einiges mehr. Damit wird die Persönlichkeit der Marke geschaffen. The infinite individual SanTRAL® complete series offers you a wide range of options to help you strengthen your brand.


Installation + Mounting