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Hand disinfection against infection 

The problem: Nosocomial infections
Healthcare associated infections are an onerous problem for healthcare systems all over the world. In Europe, more than 2,600,000 HAIs arise during hospital stays each year, with more than 90,000 cases resulting in patient death. Although it is widely regarded as the most effective measure to prevent the spread of infections, hand disinfection rates in everyday clinical practice often fall below the acceptable requirements.

The solution: An overall hygiene concept
To achieve sustained improvements in compliance, medical facilities must implement multi-modal strategies to address barriers to hand hygiene. At OPHARDT Hygiene, we've developed an overall hygiene concept to support medical facilities in breaking the chain of infection. Our innovative dispenser systems are one important compotent of the overall concept. In addition to our core product for hand hygiene - the ingo-man® dispenser - we offer a variety of products designed to promote compliance rates. Point-of-care holding solutions, touchless hand disinfectant dispensers or hi-vis-coloured dispenser housings help to improve hand hygiene over the long term.

Building Blocks for Hand Hygiene Compliance


Disinfectant stands
in entrance areas

Protect patients and staff from infections by increasing the number of visitors practicing hand disinfection upon entering hospitals. Hospital visitors disinfect their hands up to 5 times more frequently if a dispenser is easily accessible in the entrance area.

Touchless dispensers

Minimize cross-contamination and increase hand hygiene compliance. Studies show that placing touchless dispensers in hospitals can improve hand disinfectant consumption per patient day by as much as 53%.

Hygiene dispensers
in hi-vis colours

Use eye-catching, high visibility colours to support improved hand hygiene. Hand hygiene compliance can be increased as much as 6% following the introduction of hi-vis dispensers.

Point-of-care solutions

Bring hand hygiene directly to the place of patient treatment. By improving the availability of disinfectant dispensers at the point-of-care, hand hygiene compliance can be increased by up to +25%.

Disposable hygiene systems

Reduce processing costs and optimize hygiene standards. By eliminating the need to clean pumps, hospitals and clinics can achieve significant savings potentials of between €50,000 and €250,000.

Electronic hand hygiene monitoring

Increase hand disinfectant consumption and thereby reduce the spread of infection. Introducing electronic monitoring systems, like the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System®, can support healthcare facilities in achieving increases in hand disinfectant consumption by 30% per patient day, leading to a reduction of nosocomial infections by -28%. Continuous, up-to-the minute data on hand hygiene behaviour offers true added value for hygiene specialists.

Learn more about our comprehensive hygiene concept.

OHMS user report

Since 2011, the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS) has been supporting clinics and hospitals in the detailed analysis of hand hygiene behaviour and effective improvement of hand hygiene compliance. Well-known users and experts report on their experiences and the practical benefits of the system.


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