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Complete hygiene solutions.

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Hygiene compliance solutions.

Hand disinfection is the single most effective weapon against the transmission of pathogens – but compliance in hospitals and clinics often fails to meet industry standards. With more than 50 years of experience in the medical hand hygiene sector, OPHARDT hygiene has developed a comprehensive hygiene compliance solutions suite to meet all of your needs.


Systems over products

Our approach is simple: our innovative products are never designed in a vacuum. Instead we look to address an entire spectrum of hygiene needs within particular healthcare environments by offering complete systems with a range of practical accessories, point-of-care mounting solutions, and hand hygiene monitoring capabilities.

Our integrated hygiene solutions compliment each other and support staff in medical establishments in their efforts to achieve sustained improvements in hand hygiene.


Healthcare associated infections (HAIs), a global issue

  • Europe-wide: One in five intensive care patients suffers a HAI
  • More than 2,600,000 episodes of HAI arise during hospital stays in Europe annually
  • Approximately 1,700,000 HAIs are documented each year in the United States

Avoidable healthcare-associated infections

  • Hand hygiene most important measure to prevent infections 
  • Hand hygiene compliance rates often fall below 40% in medical facilities
  • Between 20 - 30% of all HAIs are avoidable through simple hand disinfection


Improved hand hygiene compliance reduces rate of HAI

  • Monitoring hand hygiene behaviour and implementing a multi-modal strategy to improve compliance are key factors in sustainably improving hand hygiene.
  • Studies show that a 37% increase in hand hygiene compliance rates results in a 41% reduction in HAI rate.