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OPHARDT as your OEM Partner.

Strong R&D, IP and product focus

  • More than 400 patents in dispensing
  • A market leader with more than 50 years of experience
  • Strong product portfolio with proven track record
  • History of partnership and collaboration with market leaders
  • Trend setter and pioneer that can grow your business
  • Deep knowledge base in material compatibility and regulations
  • Maximized product performance through technology


Advanced manufacturing, global supply

  • Global supply chain with significant production in North America, Europe and Asia
  • 6 manufacturing locations, with more than 500 employees
  • 75% of manufacturing in Europe and North America through state-of-the-art automation
  • In-house engineering, manufacturing and automation
  • Cost effective solutions for low and high volume automation
  • ISO certified, strong track record and reputation of quality
  • Strong knowledge base in dispensing, metal processing, injection molding, electronics, and automation.

Return on investment

  • Improve your product's features with our IP
  • Protect your product with lockout features
  • Improve ROI speeds with low-volume and high-volume automation
  • Strengthen branding with signature product

Easy to work with

  • History of developing lasting relationships with market leaders
  • Responsive to customer needs, approaches customer with new solutions
  • Supply from three continents - North America, Europe, Asia
  • Prior experience with regulatory hurdles and product transitions
  • Strong focus on customer care and product support

Regulatory knowledge

  • Experience working with clean enironment production
  • Track record of working with customers in sensitive sectors
  • Products manufactured world's major markets
  • All sites ISO 9001 certified; ISO 14001 certification

Market knowledge

  • Know and set trends in dispensing
  • Understand needs in global markets
  • Knowledge of end user expectations and behaviours
  • Strongly invested in future technologies