Quietly improving hygiene.

Since beginning our touchless journey more than a decade ago, OPHARDT hygiene has brought more than a million touchless devices into the market.

Our success has been built on efficient drive technologies, complimented by a suite of pump and dispenser technologies and solutions. Our ultra-quiet, efficient touchless drives can be integrated into your system so you can benefit from an OPHARDT hygiene platform.

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the dispensing market, reliable touchless technology can raise hygiene standards, improve user experience, and rejuvenate your brand.

Benefits of touchless.

  • More hygienic, elimination of cross contamination
  • Increased compliance through technology effect
  • Disability friendly / ADA compliant
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Smart functions can be retrofitted


Touchless with OPHARDT.

  • Reliable, proven products
  • Efficient pump and drive technologies
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Patented engagement technology
  • Patented sensing adjustment
  • Experience with Time of Flight, Capacitive, and Infrared sensing
  • Drives compatible with your custom pumps or OPHARDT family of pumps