Building on 50 years of innovation.

OPHARDT hygiene is a family owned business group. For more than 50 years, we have been active in the field of hand hygiene, designing and manufacturing dispensing and compliance solutions to meet the diverse needs of our business partners.

Our brands are found in medical facilities and public washrooms around the world. Our technology and designs are featured in products of major global players in the hygiene industry and beyond.

Metal Processing

  • High-Volume coil processing with integrated laser-stamping
  • Flexible sheet metal processing for wide range of metal types
  • Automated laser cutting, stamping, welding, bending
  • Surface treatments through anodizing, electro-polishing, powdercoating
  • Contour cutting, printing of metal surfaces or laser engraving for customization


Electronic Design

  • Expertise in efficient electronic architecture
  • In house engineering and systems assembly
  • Touchless sensing technologies: Infrared, Capacitive, Time-of-Flight, NFC
  • Quiet-drive and gear technology for low-noise dispensing
  • Smart electronic devices designed for IOT communication

Automated Pump Assembly

  • Expertise in low- and high-volume automation to maximize ROI
  • Assembly lines built to be adaptive to demand
  • In house injection molding, E&D increases agility
  • Automated, 100% functional test of each pump
  • Clean environment assembly and packaging for sensitive sectors

Smart IOT Solutions

  • Hardware, Database and Front-End design
  • In-house programming, software engineering
  • Scalable solutions for any industry
  • Manufacturer of Europe's leading medical hand hygiene monitoring syste
  • Wide range of connectivity type options

Injection Molding

  • Engineering and Design on site of manufacturing
  • In house toolmaking, production, and automation for maximum control
  • Fast CAD conversion with single-cavity tool testing
  • Vast experience with material compatibility
  • VMM and CMM parts inspected for variances of 30 microns
  • Performance, stress, shipping, compatibility, life-cycle and heat exposure tests for each product

Centre of Excellence for Pump Technologies and High Volume Automation

Beamsville, Canada

You have the product, and we have the solutions. At our Centre of Excellence for Pump Technologies and High Volume Automation, we specialize in custom solutions that provide return on investment for low or high volume  pump automation. Our R&D team has extensive experience designing, modifying and manufacturing precision dosage pumps with significant USP for our partners. With hundreds of patents, a highly-skilled work force, and a state-of-the-art production facility, we offer creative solutions that meet your expectations of price and performance.


Centre of Excellence for Anodizing

Maaseik, Belgium

Incorporating high quality anodized surfaces into our metal dispenser series contributes to both the durability and hygiene standard of our products. The anodizing process creates a protective layer that increases our products' resistance to corrosion and wear. At our Centre of Excellence for Anodizing, we are continually optimizing our anodizing process to increase resource efficiences and provide our customers the highest surface quality products at a competitive price point.


Centre of Excellence for Plastic Dispenser Manufacturing

Manila, Philippines

Cartridge and open-fill systems; manual and touchless; wall mounted, counter-top mounted or mobile -- we offer products to suit your needs. At our Centre of Excellence for Plasic Dispenser Manufacturing, we specialize in the production of a wide range of robust plastic dispensers to suit the diverse requirements of our customers. Our line of plastic dispensers combine flexibility, practicality and economy to deliver competitively-priced hand hygiene opportunities to global markets.


Centre of Excellence for Washroom Technologies and Data Management

Issum, Germany

The demand for integrated hygiene and hygiene compliance solutions is continuously rising. At our Centre of Excellence for Washroom Technologies and Data Management, we focus on the development of comprehensive system solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements for additional functionality where hand hygiene is a critical component to infection prevention and control.


Centre of Excellence for Electronics and Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Ballymote, Ireland

At our Centre of Excellence for Medical Dispensing Systems, we continue the long tradition of crafting robust, reliable and hygienic dispensing systems for the healthcare industry and beyond. Our ingo-man® dispenser series is known for its high quality and durability, which has propelled the ingo-man to the Number 1 dispenser system in German hospitals. 


Centre of Excellence for Electronics and Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Niederbipp, Switzerland

Hygiene standards of the future: At our Centre of Excellence for Electronics and Sheet Metal Manufacturing, we focus on the development and evaluation of new concepts and state-of-the-art technology to meet the ever-evolving demands of the hygiene industry.