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Complete washroom solutions.

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Complete washroom solutions.

Hand hygiene is a key measure for preventing infections in public life. Outside of medical facilities, pathogens are often transmitted through contact with objects that are frequently touched, such as doorknobs or handrails. Hand disinfection in public facilities like airports, train stations, offices, schools and department stores is especially important in infection prevention and control efforts.

Providing opportunities for hand disinfection are most effective when conspicuous and conveniently placed, and when combined with hand drying products, waste bins.

80% of all pathogens are transmitted by hands

Hand drying for 10s

Using paper towels can reduce number of bacteria translocation by 94-99% when compared with air drying hands.


The benchmark for public washrooms.

Launched in 1991, the SanTRAL® stainless steel range has been the benchmark for public washroom dispensing.

Our innovative product design enables users an intuitive and enjoyable experience while interacting with OPHARDT hygiene washroom devices.

Through tireless evolution, in co-operation with our users and partners, SanTRAL® continues to meet the ever-changing requirements of the modern washroom. Over the years, SanTRAL® has continually set the standard for sustainability, quality and cost effectiveness.

With it’s minimalistic Northern European design, this ‘Made in Germany’ design series epitomizes robust, functional design while offering endless colour customization.

Reflect your image by choosing SanTRAL®.

A dispenser as unique as your brand.

Introducing the compact, customizable dispenser series that has it all. Whether liquid, foam or spray, the KX series dispenses industry-leading solutions for your product.

This next generation dispenser system draws on all OPHARDT hygiene 38 mm pump technologies, includes filling-line friendly bottle design, and efficient touchless and manual technologies.


The new standard for public hygiene.

The PRAESIDIO® offers users a convenient opportunity for touchless hand hygiene to prevent infections. In addition to its elegant, high-quality design, the PRAESIDIO® offers a wide range of features: adjustable dosing quantity, hygienic spray chamber, integrated drip tray and viewing window for product filling level control.

An optional stand enables flexible positioning of the PRAESIDIO® in corridors and highly frequented entrance areas for effective infection prevention.

Hand hygiene made easy.

Manual or touchless – the RX dispenser line is a flexible and economical range for any medical practice or patient area. Whether you’re looking for a dispenser for intensive care units or the hospital lobby, the RX series offers wall mounting, countertop/trolley, or hygiene stand solutions - enabling proper hand hygiene in every location. With a robust plastic housing, compatibility with disposable hygiene pumps and packaging (conforming with the latest hygiene regulations and standards), and optional hygiene station accessories, this dispenser series offers everything you need for a complete hygiene solution.


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