Hand hygiene at the
point of care.

Protected patients and staff with well-placed dispensers.

ingo-man<sup>®</sup> dispenser attached to railing

Keep sanitization close to patients.

The Five Moments of Hand Hygiene are divided into two zones. The extended and immediate patient environment. The latter is particularly important, as most of the moments occur in the patient's immediate environment.

Point-of-care disinfection dispensers improve hand hygiene compliance.

with disinfectant dispenser at the point-of-care.48%
without disinfection dispensers at the point-of-care.23%

* Bischoff, Werner E., et al. “Handwashing compliance by health care workers: the impact of introducing an accessible, alcohol-based hand antiseptic.” Archives of internal medicine 160.7 (2000): 1017-1021.

For cylindrical rails.

For standard rails.

Angled-plates for walls.

Table-top holders.

Place sanitizer dispensers at the patient's bedside for easy disinfecting.

Place sanitizer dispensers at the patient's bedside for easy disinfecting.

Place disinfection dispensers in tight hallways or confined areas.

Place disinfection dispensers on tables, shelves, and counters.

World Health Organization Sign

Recommended by the highest authority.

Hand sanitizer dispensers should be within arm's reach.

World Health Organization

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Have more questions?

  • How are the ingo-man® dispensers attached to the mounting solutions?

    The mounting solutions are usually attached to the back of the ingo-man®, using the same spots normally used to attach the dispenser to a wall. The mounting accessory is then used to connect the ingo-man® to a rail, wall, or tabletop.

  • What materials are the ingo-man® mounting solutions made of?

    The ingo-man® mounting solutions are generally made of high-quality stainless steel to deliver maximum stability in practical use.

  • Which dispenser sizes are the mounting solutions made for?

    The point-of-care mounting solutions of the ingo-man® brand are suitable for Euro dispensers in both 500 ml and 1L formats.