Think outside the box. Sanitize inside the PRAESIDIO®.

The new face of public hygiene.

Praesidio devices together in a studio shot

Hand hygiene that feels good.

A great fit.

Whether in the entrance area, hallway or lobby, the PRAESIDIO® fits in perfectly. It can be installed on a stainless steel stand or securely mounted on a wall.

Praesidio spraying illustration

Spray on, sprayer.

Our patented pump technology doses a pleasant spray and effectively protects users without creating aerosols during hand sanitization.

Hygienically dispensed.

The PRAESIDIO® can be operated without contact, protecting users against cross-contamination. Over the past couple of years, people have begun to expect touchless technology—especially for hand sanitization.

Illustration of opened hands

Clock-like precision.

The PRAESIDIO® is manufactured at our Swiss production site and meets the highest manufacturing standards. We use a high-quality stainless steel to make the PRAESIDIO® tough and precise.

To the product
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Keep people and budgets healthy with Euro bottles.

The Euro bottle standard is a format with many advantages. The PRAESIDIO® is compatible with the Euro bottle. Do not let supply chain issues prevent you from offering sanitizer. With the Euro bottle, you can quickly change suppliers and keep preventing infections.

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Euro bottles

Healthcare-worker approved.

The disinfectant dispensers are extremely well received and frequently frequented. We regularly get positive feedback from visitors and employees about the devices.
Astrid Gödel, Hygiene Specialist at the HJK Münster-Hiltrup

Bonus fire protection.

The built-in temperature sensor blocks the pumps in case of fire and prevents alcohol-based sanitizers from adding fuel to any fire.

PRAESIDIO® opens doors.

Sanitize your hands and open automatic doors at the same time. The PRAESIDIO® can come with an optional door opening signal that can control automatic doors. This enables completely contact-free opening of doors and hygienic entry.

Power on.
And on and on.

Whether plugged into a power outlet or operating with five batteries, the touch-free sanitizer dispenser uses an extremely efficient drive to offer power-sipping hand disinfection.

Rechargeable battery retrofit

Power up your PRAESIDIO® with a rechargeable battery retrofit.

The PRAESIDIO® can be easily upgraded to run on a rechargeable battery. Deliver a more sustainable power source with batteries that do not need to be disposed of after each use.

Have more questions?

  • What kind of stainless steel is the PRAESIDIO® made of?

    The body of the PRAESIDIO® sanitizer dispenser is made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel. In the standard version, the door of the touchless dispenser is made of the same material and is powder coated white (RAL 9016).

  • How should you prepare and clean the PRAESIDIO®?

    Please note that even a high-quality product such as the PRAESIDIO® requires regular care and reprocessing. To avoid operating errors during cleaning and reprocessing, we recommend removing the Euro bottle and the pump from the dispenser beforehand. The batteries must also be removed before cleaning. When it is plugged into power, the electrical plug must be pulled out beforehand. The housing, spray chamber, drip tray and base area are to be cleaned with a damp cloth and optionally wiped with disinfectant after it is dry.

    The pump must be rinsed under warm running water from the outside and flushed from the inside. The pump must then be disinfected with a suitable product.

    Disinfectant residues at the pump outlet must be removed regularly.

    Please take into account that no acidic or chlorine-containing cleaning agents and no scouring agents should be used.

  • How long is the warranty period?

    Our PRAESIDIO® disinfectant dispenser comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of delivery. This warranty underlines our confidence in the quality of our product.

  • What does Swiss Made mean?

    The term Swiss Made represents a designation of origin for Swiss products.

    In order to carry the “Swiss Made” label, certain criteria must be met. According to the Swiss trademark protection laws, at least 60% of key manufacturing and manufacturing costs must be incurred in Switzerland for industrial products to be deemed “Swiss Made”.

    The PRAESIDIO® meets and exceeds all criteria and proudly carries the “Swiss Made” seal.