The Euro bottle. One format for all products.

H3 Series dispenser on marble wall

The Euro dispenser and Euro bottle.An iconic duo.

The Euro bottle has a standardized shape and size and compatible with a range of Euro dispensers. Whether you need sanitizers, soaps, or lotions, you can find multiple manufacturers who produce Euro bottle products for Euro dispensers.

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Three compelling reasons.

Illustration of two euro bottlesBe more flexible.

The Euro dispenser allows the use of hand sanitizers and hand washing products from different manufacturers. In the event of supply bottlenecks or if special actions need to be taken, the products can be quickly switched from one type to another or from one manufacturer to another.

Illustration of piggy bankSave money.

Savings can result from being able to freely choose whichever manufacturer of Euro bottles is best for you. If you use a Euro dispenser, you can quickly switch to an alternative manufacturer who fills their product in the Euro bottle if the your existing manufacturer increases their price.

Illustration of two filled euro bottlesBe manufacturer independent.

The Euro dispenser allows the parallel use of fillers from different manufacturers, so that different staff preferences can be catered for. In addition, by choosing the Euro bottle system, you are fulfilling the KRINKO recommendation to use a neutral dispenser system.

Hospital hygienists are convinced.

I can’t think of anything better than a standardised sanitizer dispenser that can hold products of different manufacturers.
Prof. Dr. Franz Daschner, former Director of the Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygiene at the University Hospital Freiburg

Recommended by the Robert Koch Institute.

  • manufacturer-independent format
  • reprocessable system
  • works with disposable pumps
  • visible fill levels and manufacturer’s instructions
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Eurobottles from OPHARDT.

OPHARDT has decades of experience in the manufacturing Euro bottles. With state-of-the-art production facilities, we manufacture countless Eurobottles in 500ml and 1L sizes for the chemical industry every day.

Euro bottle 500ml

The little one.

Euro bottle 1000ml

The big one.


Euro dispensers from OPHARDT.

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The success story of the Euro bottle.

Have more questions?

  • Which pumps are OPHARDT Euro bottles compatible?

    OPHARDT Euro bottles are available with a bottle neck diameter of 28mm and 60mm. Euro bottles in the 28mm version are suitable for OPHARDT’s standard pumps. For special pumps, such as the 3ml pump and the foam pump from the ingo-man® series, the larger 60mm diameter bottle neck is required.

  • Are matching screw caps also included when ordering Euro bottles?

    The screw caps for the Euro bottles must be ordered separately with a separate item number.

  • What material are the OPHARDT Eurobottles made of?

    OPHARDT Eurobottles are made of HDPE plastic, so that refilling is possible in compliance with all relevant guidelines.

  • What is the minimum order quantity for Euro bottles?

    There is a minimum purchase quantity of 260 pieces for the 500ml Eurobottles and 141 pieces for the 1000ml Eurobottles.