Flex your flexibility with the RX.

Euro bottle dispensing for every situation.

RX Dispenser in a medical lobby

Let's talk about RX.

Recycling icon

Hard to scratch. Easy to recycle.

The ABS plastic casing is particularly robust against external influences such as scratches, heat and impacts. The material is also fully recyclable.

Swap pumps simply.

The pumps in the RX Euro dispenser can be easily inserted and removed from the front. This increases convince and saves time.

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Engineered andMadeinIreland

The RX Euro dispenser is based on years of experience and research and development. All of this is reflected in numerous patents associated with the RX and the many clever technical details that make the RX one of the most flexible dispensers on the market.

RX 5

Works with a wide range of filling products.

Whether you use high-viscosity or liquid filling material, we create permanent or disposable recyclable pumps.

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RX Lock mechanism close-up

Lock it down.

Thanks to an integrated lock, your contents are effectively protected against tampering and theft.

Keep people and budgets healthy with Euro bottles.

The Euro bottle standard is a format with many advantages. The RX is compatible with the Euro bottle. Do not let supply chain issues prevent you from offering sanitizer. With the Euro bottle, you can quickly change suppliers and keep preventing infections.

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Euro bottles
RX T White

The RX T Euro dispenser.

Touchless hand hygiene, for greater convenience and infection protection.

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Smart Device
RX 5 T Smart

RX 5 T. The future is smart.

RX touchless dispensers will be Smart From The Start in the future.

This gives you the power to unlock the functions of Kanary hygiene and facility management software at any time —without additional hardware costs.

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Hand hygiene for every scenario.

Wall mounted.

Ideal for patient rooms and hallways.

Nurse using RX dispenser

On a stand.

Ideal for entrances and portable needs.

Woman using RX dispenser

On a table top.

Ideal for receptions and counters.

Woman using RX dispenser

Protects the youngest from infections.

After the introduction of the hygiene dispensers in the neonatal ward, we noticed a clear increase in hand disinfections.
Ludmila Shirokova, Expert in Infection Prevention and Hospital Hygiene at the Almazov National Medical Research Centre.

The RX 5 T Euro dispenser. Leaves nothing to be desired.

RX drip tray icon

It’s catching.

The click-on drip tray catches excess sanitizer from hands and keeps floors clean.

Battery icons

Sanitize for ages.

The RX 5 T Euro dispenser is powered by 4 C-cells and thus manages up to 100,000 between replacements.

Dosage icons

One, two, or three.

The dosage of the Euro dispenser is also flexible. Choose between one, two or three strokes per activation.

Small footprint. Big results.

The RX Euro dispenser fits perfectly into any environment with its space-saving design.

RX T from front view
RX M White

The RX M Euro dispenser.

The power to prevent infection is in your own hands.

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A clever lever.

The small contact area of the stainless steel lever ensures safe operation and actively protects against cross-contamination.

RX M White

Compact with impact.

The manual RX Euro dispenser provides a great solution for any environment with its space-saving design.

RX Drip tray

Très helpful.

The click-on drip tray catches excess sanitizer from hands to keep your surfaces clean.

Big or small.

The RX Series manual euro dispenser is compatible with both common bottles sizes, 500ml and 1L.

RX 5 M and RX 10 M
RX Dispensers in vibrant colors

Eye-catching. Hand-sanitizing.

Have more questions?

  • With which backplates are the RX Euro dispenser compatible?

    All RX Euro dispensers are compatible with the back panel from the ingo-man series. This back wall is attached to the wall with three screws. Please take into account that for the RX 5 T touchless Euro dispenser an additional adapter is required for mounting on the back wall.

  • In which environments are the RX Euro dispenser suitable?

    The RX Euro dispenser is suitable for a wide range of applications. These include healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation clinics, and pharmacies, but also public areas like offices, educational institutions, retail or shopping malls.

    This flexibility is made possible by the many installation options and the Euro bottle standard.

  • How is the number of strokes per activation set on the RX 5 T Euro dispenser?

    The number of strokes per activation can be set on the RX 5 T Euro dispenser using a small switch located on the side of the joint of the outlet cover.

    By default, the RX 5 T Euro dispenser is set to one stroke per activation.

  • What are the options for branding and customizing the dispenser?

    In addition to the classic white version, the RX euro dispenser is available in three standard signal colours. You can also place a logo on the top of the dispenser cover.

    For the manual RX Euro dispenser, printing is possible on the side of the dispenser housing.

  • How should the RX Euro dispenser be cleaned?

    The RX Euro dispenser should be cleaned with a damp cloth and disinfected after a sufficient drying phase.

    Please remove the batteries from the non-contact dispenser system before reprocessing to avoid unwanted triggering during cleaning.

    It is also important to use no abrasive and corrosive cleaning agents.