The No.1 dispenser in German healthcare.


The Original.

One stop for hand hygiene.

The ingo-man® brand offers everything you need for excellent hand hygiene. From sanitizer dispensers to waste bins and point-of-care mounting solutions.

One stop for hand hygiene

Stay flexible with Euro bottle.

The ingo-man® dispenser series is compatible with the Euro bottle standard. This standard lets you access a wide range of filling products from different manufacturers.

Stay flexible with Euro bottle.
The flagship disinfection dispenser.

The flagship disinfection dispenser.

For over 55 years, the ingo-man brand has been supporting doctors, nursing staff and other healthcare workers by improving the quality and access of hand hygiene solutions.

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The flagship disinfection dispenser.
Aluminum. Tough protection against infection.

Aluminum. Tough protection against infection.

The majority of the dispenser housings in the ingo-man® series are made of high-quality aluminum and are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards.

More than a sanitizer dispenser.

More than a sanitizer dispenser.

Packed with smart details and practical features, the ingo-man® series has been created to improve the quality of life for hospital staff and visitors.

Be free with touch-free.

The ingo-man® brand offers dispenser systems with integrated touchless sensors. This technology reduces smear infections and increases ease of use.

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A milestone for hospital hygiene.

In the 1960s, alcohol-based hand sanitizers flooded onto the market, bringing a new way to disinfect hands. But there was a problem. The dispensers of the time could hold or dispense the new product well. OPHARDT developed the solution with ingo-man® and revolutionized hand hygiene.

The ingo-man is becoming more and more popular.

In addition to its sophisticated pump technology, the ingo-man® has other groundbreaking features. The stainless steel lever has a small contact surface that reduces the chance of smear infections. The ingo-man® was also built with autoclaving-high-heat cleaning and reprocessing-in mind.

New millennium. New design.

In 2000, OPHARDT introduced the ingo-man® classic to the market. With more functions and options for customization, the Euro dispenser quickly became a hit and is still in use, supporting healthcare personnel in their daily hand hygiene practices.

A facelift and even more comfort

The ingo-man® plus launches, with a patented removable front panel. All in all, the new design ushers in a new era of the Euro dispenser, which set the stage for a host of new developments for users.

Look Ma, no hands!

The ingo-man® plus gained a touchlesss dispenser shortly after the launch of the line. The touchless version not only ensures greater operating convenience, but also drastically reduces the risk of smear infections.

Eye-catching to reduce germ-catching.

In the often hectic daily routine of front-line healthcare workers, keeping hand sanitization front-of-mind can be a challenge . With the introduction of the hi-vis colour dispensers, the ingo-man® helped address this issue in order to improve hand hygiene behaviour.

A smart euro dispenser with a green thought.

Once again, OPHARDT raised the bar. With the ingo-man® smart, hand hygiene became digital for the first time. The e-pro dispenser was even able to use the force of the lever being pressed down to generate the energy needed to transmit data to the cloud!

Green means go.

With the ingo-man SmartNose, OPHARDT introduced a connected front panel that not only records usage data, but also provides the user with direct feedback via an LED when the right amount of sanitizer or soap has been dispensed.

Padraig McDonagh

Always sets new standards.

“The ingo-man® always sets new standards among sanitizer dispensers and it is simply impossible to imagine OPHARDT’s portfolio without it.”

Padraig McDonagh, product manager of the ingo-man® series

Smart. Digital. Hand hygiene.

Discover the world of smart hand hygiene and consistently optimize your infection protection.

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Pumping out pumps.

Pumping out pumps.

Are you thinking of durable stainless steel pumps, long-lasting plastic pumps or hygienic, recyclable disposable pumps? With ingo-man® pumps, the choice is yours.

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Pick your product package. Bottle or pouch.

Whether you need a Euro bottle or collapsible hygienic pouch, we can provide you with the tools you need to sell your products to hospitals.

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Pick your product package. Bottle or pouch.

Quantity and quality.

1 million.

Activations per device with constant dosage

Technischer Bericht Nr. 7132204340 Rev. 0 vom 23.04.2021, TÜV Süd

Over 400.

registered OPHARDT patents-a sign of our relentless focus on innovation and R&D.


ingo-man® Euro dispensers sold.

Have more questions?

  • What does the name ingo-man mean?

    The name ingo-man is a combination of the German word for engineer, Ophardt, and “manus”, which is Latin for hand.

  • What devices make up the ingo-man series?

    In addition to sanitizer dispensers and soap dispensers, the ingo-man brand offers other useful products for hand hygiene. These include pumps, drip trays, Euro bottles, mounting solutions, waste containers, and much more.

  • Where is the ingo-man Euro dispenser manufactured?