The most popular Euro dispenser in German hospitals.

ingo-man® plus supports healthcare heroes.

Smart dispenser and dashboard UI

Form and Function.
Working in lockstep.

134 degrees

It can take the heat

Whether you are disinfecting it by hand, dishwasher, or autoclave, our stainless steel pumps are ready for the heat.


The high-quality anodized aluminum housing is made tough for demanding use, day after day.

Pumping out options.

Choose between durable stainless steel pumps, long-lasting plastic pumps, or recyclable disposable pumps. We provide a pump for different types of filling materials, from highly viscous to liquid.

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Quick switching.

It is quick and simple to swap in a new pump, thanks to patented pump front removal.

This saves valuable time, whether you have a single dispenser or a whole fleet.

Smart in seconds.

You can retrofit your ingo-man® plus to become a smart device at any time. Simply install the ingo-man® SmartNose and you will unlock the superpowers that come with electronic hand hygiene monitoring and feedback.

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Safety comes standard with the Euro bottle standard.

The Euro bottle format comes with many advantages: you are completely flexible and free in your choice of hand disinfectant. The ingo-man® is the legendary Euro bottle dispenser.

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Stefan Titt

Inspires the frontline workers who inspire us.

We can use hand sanitizers from different manufacturers and also cater to individual preferences.

Stefan Titt, Hygiene Specialist at the Bonn Community Hospital

Infection protection that thinks ahead for a complete hygiene solution.

High visibility dispenser


High-visibility colours have been proven to increase hand hygiene compliance.

The Euro dispensers of the ingo-man® plus series are available in three eye-catching signal colours.

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Nurses using dispensers

Yes to ease of use.
No to contamination.

Our touchless technology enables completely contactless operation of the disinfectant dispensers. This improves both the user experience and reduces smear infections.

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Nurse helping a patient

Close to the patient.

The holding solutions of the ingo-man® plus series brings hand hygiene exactly where it is needed most. Studies show that nurses, doctors, and others use the disinfectant dispensers more often when they are placed close to patients.

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Complies with RKI guidelines.

  • Manufacturer-independent format
  • Contamination-free dispensing
  • Reprocessable system
  • Compatible with disposable pumps
  • Visible fill levels & manufacturer's instructions
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Have more questions?

  • What does the name ingo-man® mean?

    The name ingo-man® is an amalgamation of the words engineer, Ophardt, and manus, which is Latin for hand.

  • How should the ingo-man® plus be cleaned and reprocessed?

    The ingo-man® dispensers are suitable for manual reprocessing, cleaning in a dishwasher, and even for reprocessing in an autoclave. Different instructions apply for ingo-man plus dispensers with electronics, such as the touchless dispensers. For more details, refer to the ingo-man operating manual.

  • How does the ingo-man® plus differ from its knockoffs and counterfeits?

    The ingo-man® is often imitated, but never duplicated. An important indicator of quality is the OPHARDT hologram, which is attached to the outside of the housing. Another important distinguishing feature relates to the processed material. The ingo-man® has a thicker material than any of its knockoffs, and the original clearly stands out in any head-to-head.