ingo-man® pumps.

Take your hand hygiene to a higher level.

Pump parts

Engineered and
Made in Ireland.

More than meets the eye.


Over 30 patents.


60 years of experience.


Made in Ireland.

Using a dispenser

It won staff over in real-world use.

The DHP disposable pumps sustainably complement the established hygiene management in our hospital. The installation of the pumps is simple and hygienic at the same time.

Jan Henrik Wischer, hygiene specialist at the Evangelical Hospital Lippstadt

Open dispenser

Patented front-facing removal makes life easier.

An important feature of the ingo-man® series is the easy insertion and removal of the pump from the dispenser by simply folding up the dispenser cover.

134 degrees celcius, 273 degrees fahrenheit

For the highest standards of hygiene.

Burn those germs. The stainless steel pumps of the ingo-man® series are autoclavable at 134° Celsius.

Have more questions?

  • What is the purpose of the silicone seal on OPHARDT pumps?

    The silicone seals on OPHARDT pumps rest on the openings of the Euro bottles and serve to protect the contents from contamination.

  • With which products are OPHARDT pumps compatible?

    The OPHARDT pump portfolio covers a wide range of meterable filling materials. These include: Soaps, hand disinfectants, gel, lotions or pastes compatible.

  • What should be considered when preparing and cleaning the pumps?

    With regard to the reprocessing and care of OPHARDT pumps, the individual product instructions must be observed. As a rule, pumps used for soap or lotions are subject to more frequent cleaning cycles than pumps for hand disinfectants. Only our recyclable DHP disposable pumps do not need to be reprocessed and are therefore a real time saver.

  • What happens if the pumps are not regularly reconditioned and cleaned?

    Insufficient preparation of the pumps can lead to the suction pipe or the outlet becoming clogged and proper dosing can no longer be guaranteed.