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Art. No. 3401890

Praesidio rechargeable battery retrofit kit

Rechargeable retrofit kit for the PRAESIDIO® disinfectant dispenser

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Praesidio rechargeable retrofit kit for Praesidio disinfectant dispenser, NiMH rechargeable battery 7.2V / min. 4Ah, connection cable with 2-pin plug, incl. charger, incl. insert holder

Product Sub-Categories:Rechargeable battery Retrofit Kit
Housing:Stainless steel, brushed
Technology:NiMH (Nickel-Metallhydrid-Akkumulator)
Voltage:7.2 Volt
Capacity:min. 4Ah
Connection to dispenser:Über geeignetes Adapter-Kabel mit Tamiya-Buchse und Niedervoltstecker 5,5 x 2,5 mm