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Out-of-this-world dispensing with Neptune.


It works overtime. And works over time.

Reliable dispensing for high traffic areas. Consistent touchless dosing. Easy manual dispensing with a large presser. Neptune offers rock-solid performance for commercial and industrial environments.

To the product
cactus green.dusty blue.hi-vis.euphoric red.Make it cactus green.dusty blue.hi-vis.euphoric red.

Customize the Neptune with your brand logos and colours. A large area in the front of the dispenser can be printed on. You can also make the Neptune body the perfect colour for your brand.

Give drips the drop.

An OPHARDT Hygiene custom designed technology bring liquid back into the pump once the right amount has been dispensed. Whether you need to save product or save face, CleanTip ensures that maintenance is made easy and customer satisfaction remains high. Off-putting pools of soap or sanitizer below your dispenser are a thing of the past.

There is a pump for that.

Unlock your potential with the 38mm lineup, our most extensive pump portfolio.

A portfolio that performs.

With a pump for every need, the Neptune can fit into any environment. Whether you need a foam, alco-foam, spray, lotion, or grit pump, we have a standard 38mm pump for your product.

Accurate dosage over the life of the pump.

Our pumps dispense highly accurate dosages from the first to last day of use. This dosing accuracy helps ensure that your product is being used at the specific dose that you set—whether to maximize product longevity or infection prevention.


By design.

We design and engineer not only our pumps, but our pump manufacturing process. This lets us create detailed parts with millimetre-precision that other manufacturers cannot.

Industry-leading efficiency.

By minimizing friction and reducing loads, a manual dispenser makes better use of the force created when the lever is pressed and a touchless dispenser has better battery life.

Made in Canada pumps

Designed and manufactured in Beamsville, close to the shore of Lake Ontario, our Canadian plant draws on the region’s proud tradition of manufacturing excellence as well as the latest automated technologies. Each pump is subject to a rigorous series of quality control tests. We create pumps that keep on pumping.

Set it and forget it.

Battery life that frees you from frequent battery changes.

Neptune Touchless4X
Competitor Touchless Dispenser

Long-lasting, battery-sipping, the Neptune Touchless averages 80K activations between battery changes for the 1.5L version and 60K activations for the 1L version. Other dispensers can need new batteries every 20K activations.

When tested with foaming soap, the OPHARDT FCB foam pump, and Duracell coppertop batteries. Please note that the results vary depending on the soap type, pump used, and the battery brand. The same dispenser, for example, will give longer battery life with a lotion product and pump.

Keeping it light.

A built-in LED on the front cover of the Neptune ensures that you always know the state of your touchless dispenser.

Solid red: cover open
Green: in use
Flashing red: low battery

Remove bottle necks.

We are responding to the current challenges of global shipping and the delays caused by supply chain issues by providing bottle production for fast delivery to North American and European markets. Take advantage of our lighter and more transparent custom non-collapsible bottle for Neptune. Available in PCR plastic.

Put a damper on attempts to tamper.

It takes two to tango. Ensure that your investments pay off by adding a custom lockout to your dispensers and bottles. The chassis of the Neptune dispenser has two posts matching the pockets of your custom bottle. Non-matching bottles do not fit in the dispenser due to interference with the posts.

ADA compliant dispensers. Making excellence accessible.

Usable with one hand and only five pounds of push-force.

Our efficient pumps make it easy for everyone to get soap or sanitizer. This is made simple with our reliable touchless drive. On the manual KX dispenser, a large handle requires very little force to operate.

Easily install at accessible heights.

Whether on your wall or on one of our accessible stands, it is easy to offer hand hygiene at a height that is useable for a wide range of adults and children.

Keep walkways open with our shallow dispenser depth.

The Neptunes series packs everything it needs in a dispenser housing that meets accessibility requirements and keeps your hallways flowing.

Find the right series for you.


Neptune Series

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  • Good Foam Quality
  • First gen custom lockout available
  • Customization on front area of dispenser
  • OPHARDT 38mm pumps
  • Patented CleanTip™ Technology
  • Standard dispenser
  • White and black standard colours, custom colours available at higher volumes
  • Supports Cartridge bottles
  • 1L, 1.5L, 2L
  • Touchless & Manual versions
  • Quiet Drive

KX Series

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  • Good Foam Quality
  • Second gen custom lockout available
  • Full front-window customizable
  • OPHARDT 38mm pumps
  • Patented CleanTip™ Technology
  • Connected dispenser available
  • White and black standard colours, custom colours available at higher volumes
  • Supports Cartridge and Refillable bottles
  • 750ml & 1250ml bottles
  • Touchless & Manual versions
  • Multiple dosages supported
  • Quiet Drive+ our quietest tech

X10 System

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  • Industry-leading Foam Quality
  • Our most advanced lockout system ever
  • Completely custom front cover required, no front cover provided
  • OPHARDT X10 45mm pumps
  • Patented CleanTip™ Technology
  • Connected dispenser available
  • Completely custom, you design and make the front cover and back plate
  • Supports Cartridge and Refillable bottles
  • Custom
    bottle sizes
  • Touchless & Manual versions
  • Multiple dosages supported
  • Quiet Drive+ our quietest tech

Two sizes. Two types.

Accessories make it complete.


Put the KX dispenser by an entrance or anywhere else in your building.

Full-height and accessible stands are available in large or slim versions.

Drip Trays

While our CleanTip technology prevents drips from the dispenser, users will sometimes drop sanitizer between their fingers.

Minimize the work your staff need to do and keep your floors clean and safe with this specially designed drip tray for stand.

Tabletop Stand

Easily place the Neptune dispenser on a countertop for easy use at concierge or lobby desks.

This solid, metal stand has been built to support the Neptune. Available in black and white.

Need a custom accessory?

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Still have questions?

  • Is there a minimum order quantity to set up a custom lockout for the Neptune?

    Yes, there is a threshold you need to meet to set up a completely custom lockout for the Neptune platform. Please talk to our sales team to find out more.

  • What is the area that you can use for custom logos? Do you provide design templates for customizing the Neptune?

    There are two main areas where logos can be applied to the Neptune dispenser cover. You can download our design templates here: Neptune touchless 1L Neptune manual 1L Neptune touchless 1.5L Neptune manual 2L

  • Do you provide instruction sheets or installation videos?

    Yes, you can download our instruction sheets here and view additional video resources here.