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Water. Soap. Sanitizer. All through a single faucet.

Touch-free. Feature-full.

Drop icon between hand icons

The power is in your hand.

With a simple wave, you can change the type of output.

Keep it hygienic.

From water to soap to sanitizer, all controlled without touch.

No fingerprints.

Anti-fingerprint coating keeps the device clean and easy to maintain.

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Sink mount.

Wall mount.


Less water.

Thanks to automated dosing.

Fittings that fit.

the untouchable™ is available on request with over 200 powder-coated colours.

One faucet. Three options.

  • Water, soap, and sanitizer.Water, soap, and sanitizer.
  • Soap and sanitizer.Soap and sanitizer.
  • Water and soap.Water and soap.

Can't touch this.

the untouchable™ is a winner of the German Design Awards Special 2019 and the CMS Purus Award 2017.

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Infection protection in the blink of an eye.

We have been using the untouchable™ in our dental practice for more than 5 years. The faucet fits perfectly with the WIP guidelines. This way we don't have to disinfect the faucet after every patient.
Snoet kindermondzorgcentrum, Amsterdam

Have more questions?

  • Where should the untouchable™ be installed?

    The untouchable™ is suitable for both public and medical areas. Due to the touch-free control, the application is particularly hygienic.

  • What colours does the untouchable™ come in?

    You can purchase the untouchable™ in stainless steel, white, and black as standard. In addition, we can also powder-coat paint the untouchable™ in one of the 213 RAL colors.

  • Where can I buy the untouchable™?

    You can purchase the untouchable™ directly through our Customer Service. Contact information can be found here.

  • How is the untouchable™ getting installed?

    The untouchable™ is simple to install. You can find a detailed installation video here.

  • How do I see which output is being used?

    There is a display built into the faucet. Water is the preset option. If the tap shows green, soap is selected as the dispensing agent; if a red sign is visible, disinfectant is dispensed. If there has been no activity after 3 seconds, the faucet resets to water.