A platform that transforms.

Build your custom dispenser with the X10 System.

Washing hands

Foam is where the heart is.

Create a luxurious foam that customers will love. Our incredible air-to-product ratio will give you a foam quality only possible before with a custom-designed pump.

The foundation of your next dispenser.

Custom pump performance. Without the development time.

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Stay drip-free.

Our OPHARDT-designed pump technology pulls any residual liquid or foam back into the pump.

Accurate dosage over the life of the pump.

Our pumps dispense highly accurate dosages from the first to last day of use.

Industry-leading efficiency.

By minimizing friction and reducing loads, a touchless dispenser has better battery life.

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Made in Canada pumps.

Designed and manufactured in Beamsville, close to the shore of Lake Ontario, our Canadian plant draws on the region's proud tradition of manufacturing excellence as well as the latest automated technologies. Each pump is subject to a rigorous series of quality control tests. We create pumps that keep on pumping.

Made in Canada badge

By design.

We design and engineer not only our pumps, but our pump manfucaturing proces. This lets us create detailed with milimetre-precision that other manufacturers cannot.

Pick your dose.

Whether you need .5ml, 1ml, or 1.5ml—or even higher dosages—you can easily choose the right dose to either maximize output or efficiency.

Springless pumps with fewer parts.

By using fewer parts than our competitors, our parts can be manufactured with more efficiency and speed.

Since our pumps do not use metal springs, we are increasing the recyclability of our all-plastic pumps.

The X10 sips.
They guzzle.

Competitor Touchless Dispenser

Long-lasting, battery-sipping, the X10 drive can last up to 150,000 activations between battery changes. Competitor dispenser can require new batteries every 30,000 pushes.

Secure your investments.

Competitor lockout

Protect your product with patented competitor lockout.

The X10 takes lockout to the next level. This patented system gives each customer a unique key with male and female parts located directly on the pump and in the dispenser platform. This will give you the peace of mind that your dispensers and product will be the only ones that work with each other.

Keeping it together is a SnapFit.

Securing X10 pumps and bottles together is a snap. With one, simple connection, the pump and bottle become inseparable. Once connected, the only way to remove the pump from the bottle is by cutting or damaging the bottle. This secure snap keep your product in your bottles.


Go ahead. Judge this dispenser by its cover.

A world of materials.

The choice of materials, textures, and shapes is up to you. We provide a design resource to help you create the right type of front cover and backplate.

X10 Terrazzo Cover

On brand. On your dispenser.

Make a dispenser that says exactly what you want to say. Align the shape, colours, and graphics with your branding. The only limitations are your imagination.

Need help?

We can help you design the perfect cover and backplate for your dispenser system.

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For the sake of our Environment. Recycled & recyclable.

X10 pumps and bottles are made with PCR plastic, which is made from yellow garbage can materials. In addition, the dispensers are designed as an open system so that any fill material from any supplier can be used.

Remove bottle necks.

We are responding to the current challenges of global shipping and the delays caused by supply chain issues by providing bottle production for fast delivery to North American and European markets.These cartridge or refillable PET bottles are custom made for our dispensers. PET bottles are lighter, use less plastic, and are more transparent making it easier to see product level. They are have more accurate tamper-resistant features with built in ratchets. Available in PCR plastic.

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Connect tothe cloud.

Hygiene made digital for healthcare. Improve hand hygiene compliance, prevent infections, reduce hospital stays, and save costs.

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Ahead of the pack.
And not standing still.
X10 2nd Gen.


Endless power.

Touch-free dispensing without any battery anxiety. Power your X10 dispenser with USB-C and get continuous power without even the minimal hassle of exchanging batteries every 3-5 years.

USB-C port on x10


Go outside with capacitive sensing.

An outdoor version of the X10 is available with capacitive sensing for the touch-free operation to works reliably even environments with harsh, direct sunlight.

LateLock makes protecting your product simple.

We can ship platform and lockout clips separately for distributors that need different lockout clips for different customers—making our lockout feature a customization option that can be added outside of the factory.

The x10 latelock component

A more accessible spring.

The spring on our X10 manual dispenser is longer and now requires 25% less force-to-activate—improving the amount of product delivered people of all abilities and strengths.

X10 new spring

Find the right series for you.


Neptune Series

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  • Good Foam Quality
  • First gen custom lockout available
  • Customization on front area of dispenser
  • OPHARDT 38mm pumps
  • Patented CleanTip™ Technology
  • Standard dispenser
  • White and black standard colours, custom colours available at higher volumes
  • Supports Cartridge bottles
  • 1L, 1.5L, 2L
  • Touchless & Manual versions
  • Quiet Drive

KX Series

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  • Good Foam Quality
  • Second gen custom lockout available
  • Full front-window customizable
  • OPHARDT 38mm pumps
  • Patented CleanTip™ Technology
  • Connected dispenser available
  • White and black standard colours, custom colours available at higher volumes
  • Supports Cartridge and Refillable bottles
  • 750ml & 1250ml bottles
  • Touchless & Manual versions
  • Multiple dosages supported
  • Quiet Drive+ our quietest tech

X10 System

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  • Industry-leading Foam Quality
  • Our most advanced lockout system ever
  • Completely custom front cover required, no front cover provided
  • OPHARDT X10 45mm pumps
  • Patented CleanTip™ Technology
  • Connected dispenser available
  • Completely custom, you design and make the front cover and back plate
  • Supports Cartridge and Refillable bottles
  • Custom
    bottle sizes
  • Touchless & Manual versions
  • Multiple dosages supported
  • Quiet Drive+ our quietest tech

Still have questions?

  • Is there an X10 design guide that I can download?

    Yes, you can download our design resources here.

  • What is the minimum order quantity needed to launch a dispenser with X10 internals?

    It depends on the project size. There is a specific threshold you need to meet to set up a custom lockout and launch an X10 dispenser. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

  • Where is the X10 made?

    The touchless drive is made in Philippines, the bottles and pumps are made in Canada.