Kanary Facility Management

For cleaner and more efficient facilities.

Know what needs attention. Improve cleanliness standards. And achieve incredible efficiency through automation.

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The Problem

Fixed resources. Staffing challenges. Increased expectations.

How do you increase efficiency to deliver great results with the same resources?

Paper checklist
The Problem

Low knowledge & low accountability.

Paper checklists in washrooms does not help facility managers get the bird’s eye view.

Improve efficiency, cleanliness, and guest satisfaction.


Decrease in cleaning rounds.


Decrease in cleaning hours—or more.


Decrease in washroom complaints


Washroom uptime (stocked and ready-to-use).

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Realtime data & automation

Task management that goes anywhere.

Automated task management prioritizes the washrooms and other areas that are running out of product. Kanary opens and closed tasks, since it knows when dispensers have been refilled.

Reassign tasks

Easily reassign tasks.

When staff turnover, sickness, or shortages happen, be prepared.

Do not miss a thing.

Get notifications when tasks are incomplete with timely escalations.

Santral Plus notifications
Kanary tasks overview
Realtime data & automation

Your eagle eye.

See a real-time overview of tasks that need to be done, are in progress, or are completed.

Doctor and nurse inspecting data
Coming Soon

Integrated cleaning standards.

Healthcare facilities have specific cleaning standards that need to be followed. Use built-in cleaning standards (ISO, DIN, etc.) to schedule repeating tasks or create custom lists of actions can be repeated and assigned easily.

Big features without the big budget.


We are five-times less expensive than our competitors.

SanTRAL Plus dispensers

The complete washroom solution.

Whether you need waste bins or dispensers for soap, sanitizer, paper towels, or toilet paper, the extensive SanTRAL® Plus portfolio has you covered.

Discover SanTRAL® Plus

No more missed connections.

OPHARDT provides a 4G LTE router that comes with a 10-year global data plan to help you connect your smart dispensers easily to the Kanary Cloud.

LTE Router

Devices that work with you.

Know your dispensers status 24/7.

Keep updated with device monitoring that never stops. Know the key information you need from your entire fleet, and be alerted about critical fill and battery levels in advance.

  • Fill levels iconFill levels.
  • Low battery alert iconLow battery alerts.
  • Connection alerts iconConnection alerts.
  • Low use alerts iconLow use alerts.
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Encrypted and secure.

Your data is secure, anonymous, and encrypted. Increase the information you are receiving with the peace of mind that your data is your data.


Easily setup a single dispenser or a whole fleet of dispensers with a tap. With your smartphone you can configure and connect your OPHARDT dispenser to the Kanary Cloud.

Do you have questions?

  • Is there a minimum number of dispensers you need to use Kanary?

    No, Kanary can be used with a single dispenser or washroom or with multiple buildings across continents.

  • How do you set up dispensers to connect to Kanary?

    The simplest way is to download our NFC setup app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. By holding your phone close to the dispensers built-in NFC chip, you can easily connect the dispensers to your preferred WiFi network and Kanary account.

  • How much does Kanary cost?

    Kanary offers a full suite of features with lower upfront and lower ongoing costs than most of our competitors. Please contact our smart team.

  • Is there a way to retrofit our existing OPHARDT dispensers to work with Kanary?

    For our SanTRAL® Plus line, yes. Simply purchase the Smart Retrofit Kit, and easily install it (it takes almost no time to install this kit). After this, you can use the NFC install app to set up your device and connect it to Kanary.

  • Is Kanary tailored for healthcare or facility management?

    While Kanary began its life as a healthcare solution, we saw the need to incorporate facility management tools. We are proud to offer a complete solution for both needs.