Kanary Integrations

Give your solutions super powers.

Whether you need either a hardware or a software solution, you can fast forward your offerings with Kanary.

Deliver a state-of-the-art smart dispenser experience without investing years of R&D time and budgets.

Why catch up when you can leap ahead? Using OPHARDT’s pioneering and innovative hardware, software, or cloud services, you can make your portfolio smart and offer a best-in-class service without having to start from scratch.

SanTRAL Plus dispenser
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Deepen your customer relationship.

Be an expert problem solver, increase your value proposition, and increase lock-in.

KX Dispenser

Sell more product.

Smart services leads to increase consumable sales as dispensers get refilled with greater consistency.

Option 1

Our dispensers, our software.

OPHARDT-made smart dispensers are tailor-made for Kanary. We can also white label Kanary to ensure that your brand stays front and centre.

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Option 2

Our dispensers, your software.

Easily connect OPHARDT dispensers to a software of your choosing securely via a wide array of protocols that work with our Kanary Cloud.

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Option 3

Your dispensers, our smart tech inside.

Use our modules to connect your dispenser to your software or Kanary.

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Plug and play integration with facility management software.

We have a deep integration set up already with solutions like FacilityApps and soobr so you can keep using your existing software solutions.

Offer more with Kanary.

Always updated devices and software.

Automated task management prioritizes the washrooms that are running out of product. Kanary opens and closed tasks, since it knows when dispensers have been refilled.

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Connect with ease.

Use our push and pull REST APIs to connect Kanary to Facility Management or Healthcare solutions.

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A secure and stable integration.

We encrypt our data and ensure that our practices meet or exceed all local guidelines.

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Setup made simple with NFC or Bluetooth.

Dispensers with OPHARDT smart tech inside, can be easily setup through our app via either NFC or Bluetooth.

SanTRAL Plus NFC connection

Launch quickly with a platform that transforms.

Using our X10 internals, you can create a bespoke dispenser and get to market quickly.

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No more missed connections.

OPHARDT provides a 4G LTE router that comes with a 10-year global data plan to help you connect your smart dispensers easily to the Kanary Cloud.

LTE Router

Offer a solution for healthcare or facility management.


Decrease healthcare-associated infections with always-on, 24/7 electronic hand hygiene monitoring.

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Facility Management

Unlock new facility management efficiencies with dynamic task scheduling and staff management.

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KX Dispenser

Connect with our smart team and get a product demo.

Talk to our experts and get access to a demo of Kanary. Discover the ways you can integrate our smart hardware, software, and cloud services in your portfolio.

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Do you have questions?

  • Is there a minimum number of dispensers you need to use Kanary?

    No, Kanary can be used with a single dispenser or washroom or with multiple buildings across continents.

  • How do you set up dispensers to connect to Kanary?

    The simplest way is to download our NFC setup app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. By holding your phone close to the dispensers built-in NFC chip, you can easily connect the dispensers to your preferred WiFi network and Kanary account.

  • How much does Kanary cost?

    Kanary offers a full suite of features with lower upfront and lower ongoing costs than most of our competitors. Please contact our smart team.

  • Is there a way to retrofit our existing OPHARDT dispensers to work with Kanary?

    For our SanTRAL® Plus line, yes. Simply purchase the Smart Retrofit Kit, and easily install it (it takes almost no time to install this kit). After this, you can use the NFC install app to set up your device and connect it to Kanary.

  • Is Kanary tailored for healthcare or facility management?

    While Kanary began its life as a healthcare solution, we saw the need to incorporate facility management tools. We are proud to offer a complete solution for both needs.