Get the cartridge edge.

With the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser, you get a next-gen platform and competitor lockout to deliver the best experience for your product.

SanTRAL Plus Cartridge

It’s a tough market. Be tougher.

If your company is looking to launch a new stainless-steel dispenser, you can save development time and money and leverage our expertise by using the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser as the basis of your program.

We provide custom-performance-level pumps, our next-generation internals, and a refined product that we have been evolving for decades.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Industry-leading foam quality.

Create a luxurious foam that customers will love. Our incredible air-to-product ratio will give you a foam quality only possible before with a custom-designed pump.

Sell more. Consistently.

Dosage accuracy matters. Having a pump that is inaccurate or becomes inaccurate over time affects the predictability of your business and speaks to poor engineering quality.Our pumps deliver incredibly consistent dosages, from the first activation to the last one.

A knockout lockout.

Our most advanced lockout system ever

Our patented, next-generation lockout system gives each customer a unique key with male and female parts located directly on the pump and in the dispenser platform.

Get to market. Fast.

Take advantage of our decades of investment in R&D and over 500 patents. Use our next-gen platform to get to market quickly with an industry-leading offering.

Great for your product.

Great for your brand.

Use powder-coated paint to match the dispenser to your brand’s colour and place your logo on the top of the device.

Industry-leading efficiency.

By minimizing friction and reducing loads, a touchless dispenser has better battery life.

Made in Germany.

The SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser is made in our plant in Issum, Germany that specializes in the production of stainless-steel devices.

We draw on the country’s rich history of manufacturing excellence with a focus on adopting the latest technologies to constantly improve our quality.

Pick your dose.

Whether you need .5ml, 1ml, or 1.5ml—or even higher dosages—you can easily choose the right dose to either maximize output or efficiency.

Speak volumes with only a whisper.

Fit into a wide range of environments with our quietest drive ever.

Win with a proven winner.

Not only has the SanTRAL® Plus has been our most successful product launch in company history, it has been winning awards for its elegant and functional design.

When you launch a program with the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser, you are launching with a product that is winning over both the market and the design community.

Industry-leading pump designs.

The Dispensing Experts™

With 60 years of experience delivering innovative hygiene solutions, we have taken our best technologies and put them into our X10 pump portfolio.

Keep it drip-free.

Our OPHARDT-designed pump technology pulls any residual liquid or foam back into the pump.

Made in Canada pumps.

Designed and manufactured in Beamsville, close to the shore of Lake Ontario, our Canadian plant draws on the region’s proud tradition of automation and manufacturing excellence.

Soap pump

Soap foam

Our highest-performing, next-generation soap foam pump delivers industry-leading foam quality, right off the shelf.

Alco-foam pump


Like our soap foam pump, our alto-foam pump delivers industry-leading foam quality, making it the ideal pump for alcohol-based sanitizers.

Lotion pump


Our X10 lotion pump supports a range of viscosities, from low to medium viscosities, making it a versatile pump ideal for liquid alcohol to sanitizers or soaps.

Shower pump


This spray pump delivers a pleasant experience with a spray that uses 12 outlets to deliver a fine shower spray.

Keeping it together is a SnapFit.

Securing X10 pumps and bottles together is a snap. With one, simple connection, the pump and bottle become inseparable. Once connected, the only way to remove the pump from the bottle is by cutting or damaging the bottle. This secure snap keep your product in your bottles.

Pick your size.

Have more questions?

  • Can I purchase a SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge the same way I can buy a refillable SanTRAL® Plus UDU dispenser?

    No, the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge has been designed for chemical companies that are looking to sell a dispenser that only works with their soap or sanitizer solution. If you are an individual, organization, or business looking to purchase a SanTRAL® Plus dispenser, please check out our refillable Universal dispenser. [link in text]

  • Can the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser work with non-OPHARDT smart facility software or services?

    Absolutely, we provide deep integration with Facility Apps and our APIs can be used to connect the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser to your smart service or any other third-party service.

  • Can end-users install a refillable bottle from the SanTRAL® Plus line into a SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser?

    No, not when you get a SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser with a custom lockout built-in. The lockout prevents our off-the-shelf pumps or bottles from being used in your dispenser.

  • Are new pumps planned for the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge system?

    Yes, we have a robust product roadmap for the X10 pump portfolio. The next pump that we will be producing is a pump made for high-viscosity products with grit or fillers that supports a large 3ml dosage.

  • Why would I pick a SanTRAL® Plus instead of another cartridge system from OPHARDT?

    Each product has an ideal application. The SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge is our only cartridge dispenser with a metallic body, giving it a unique aesthetic and hardiness.