Get a dispenser that can do it all.

Liquid soap. Foam soap. Sanitizer. SanTRAL® Plus supports a wide-range of products, making it the flexible must-have for public washrooms and spaces.

Liquid type icons

The magic touch but touchless.

Need a manual or contactless dispenser? The choice is yours. Our leading efficiency makes operating the manual dispenser a breeze and preserve battery life on the version.

Don't drip with CleanTip™.

Quiet, clean, and environmentally-friendly.

SanTRAL® Plus has qualities we can all aspire to.

  • Clean tip iconOur pumps draw back any remaining product back into the pump.
  • Quiet Drive Plus iconWhisper-quiet touchless technology.
  • PCR iconWe can make our pumps with post-consumer recycled plastics.

One dispenser. Many possibilities.

SanTRAL pump and container change

Liquid soap, foam soap, sanitizer, alco-foam sanitizer. With the SanTRAL® Plus universal dispenser, the pump and container can be changed within seconds. It also has green guts. The bottles and pumps are made with recycled plastic and are also 100% recycled.

It just keeps on pumping.

The SanTRAL® Plus required fewer battery changes thanks to its high efficiency pumps.

SanTRAL® Plus touchless universal dispenser.3.5x
Competitor dispenser.

The battery-operated, touch-free universal dispenser requires battery replacement only after approximately 77,000 activations when dispensing 0.8 ml of foaming soap per stroke.

Battery Icons

Any supplier. Any product.

Your go-to filling material is not available? No problem. With an open refill system, empty stock is a thing of the past, because the universal dispenser can dispenses filling material from any supplier.

Eye. Level. Quickly see filling and battery level.

See dispenser alerts on the device or get smart and have fill levels and battery levels data sent to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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New Product

A hidden gem. The clean and unseen SanTRAL® solution.

When you need a cabinet-mounted dispenser behind a door or mirror, our tailour-made solution delivers soap or sanitizer. The SanTRAL® Plus cabinet-mounted dispenser can be equipped with a 600ml or 1.2L refill container. Powered by our next-gen X10 platform, this dispenser has the same quiet operation, drip-free dispenser, and highly-power efficient drive as our other touchless SanTRAL® Plus dispensers.

*Available only in the non-smart version.

The award-winning SanTRAL® Plus.

SanTRAL® Plus is not only our most successful product launch in the company's history, but has also been awarded for its stylish and functional design.

SanTRAL Universal-Spender in blau

Brand new. And brand you.

Design washrooms with taste. Choose from a wide range of colours. Showcase your logo.*


All RAL colours available upon request.

Santral benutzerdefinierte Panel-Symbol

Logo branding in the window and/or dispenser top.

*Adding custom branding or custom colours to the dispenser requires a conversation with our sales team and may require a larger purchase quantity.

Which system is right for you?

UDU Manual

UDU Manual

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  • Manual dispensing
  • Smart Ready for connecting to Kanary
  • PCR plastic pumps & lock elements
  • Clean tip
  • Six premium colours
  • Made in Germany
  • Lockable
  • Customizable colours & logo
  • Filling size
  • 5 years product warranty
UDU Touchless

UDU Touchless

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  • Touchless dispensing
  • Smart Ready for connecting to Kanary
  • PCR plastic pumps & lock elements
  • Clean tip
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Six premium colours
  • Made in Germany
  • Lockable
  • Customizable colours & logo
  • Filling size
  • 5 years product warranty
  • Battery operated

Complete your washroom series.

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Have more questions?

  • How can the dispenser switch from one output type to another (like from foam to lotion)?

    The pumps and containers can be taken out of the dispenser in a few seconds and simply replaced with a new combination of pump and bottle.

  • Can I also use the universal dispenser in a lobby on a stand?

    Yes, the universal dispenser is also sold as a combination with a stand, so that it can be easily placed in the entrance areas or anywhere throughout a building.

  • Can I retrofit the smart application to the universal dispenser at a later date?

    Yes, simply purchase the Smart Retrofit kit and it can be installed at the top of the dispenser.