It takes all paper types.

SanTRAL® Plus paper towel dispenser. For every requirement and every paper type.


Paper towel dispenser with automatic cutter.

Function first.

A dispenser that always works. If the paper can't be gripped, the integrated emergency operating lever comes to the rescue.

Automatic. Without batteries.

Thanks to the automatic roll feed and cutter, the SanTRAL® Plus Autocut dispenser operates without a battery or additional power supply.

For when you're on a roll.

The SanTRAL® Plus Autocut dispenser also works with towel paper rolls without perforation. These have the added benefit of being particularly tear-resistant and absorbent.

A paper towel dispenser with universal paper removal.

Dispenses all common paper types.

  • Layerfold, C-Fold
  • ZZ-Fold, V-Fold, Zick-Zack
  • Z-Fold
  • Interfold

Quickly change paper type.

With a wing and a bracket inside, the paper towel holders can be easily adjusted to fit the paper.

Choose the right size for you.

The SanTRAL® Plus is available in different sizes, from 250 to 800 sheets of paper. For any room size and for any number of visitors.

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Notifications that light up your dispenser or smartphone.

Let's get digital. Use the smart device of the SanTRAL® Plus dispensers and have data on fill levels and battery levels sent to you in real time via WiFi. Built-in LEDs also give early warning when product or batteries need to be replaced.

The award-winning SanTRAL®Plus.

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SanTRAL paper towel dispenser in blue

Your dispenser. Your brand's logo and colour.

Highlight your brand and choose from a wide range of colours.

Color wheel icon

All RAL colours available upon request.

Santral custom panel icon

Custom logo branding in the viewing window or the dispenser.

Which system is right for you?

SanTRAL Plus Autocut Dispenser

SanTRAL® Plus Autocut Dispenser

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  • Smart Ready for connecting to the Kanary system
  • Viewing window in of device.
  • Towel paper roll without perforation
  • Automatic cutter
  • Six premium colours
  • Made in Germany
  • Lockable
  • Customizable colours & logo
  • 5 years product warranty
SanTRAL Plus Paper Towel Dispenser

SanTRAL® Plus Paper Towel Dispenser

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  • Smart Ready for connecting to the Kanary system
  • Viewing window in of device.
  • for 250-300, for 500-600 or 700-800 sheets
  • Six premium colours
  • Made in Germany
  • Lockable
  • Customizable colours & logo
  • 5 years product warranty

The complete washroom series.

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Have more questions?

  • What types of paper does the paper towel dispenser dispense?

    The paper towel dispensers dispense Layerfold/C-Fold, ZZ-Fold/V-Fold/Zig-Zag, Z-Fold and Interfold paper. They are equipped with a universal paper dispenser, which makes one dispenser compatible with all types of paper. The paper towel dispenser is available in various sizes.

  • Can I purchase a facility management program other than the Kanary?

    Yes, all dispensers of the SanTRAL® Plus series can be connected to the Kanary as well as to a facility management program of a third party supplier.

  • Do all products in the SanTRAL® Plus series have a smart device?

    Yes, all main products are smart ready or smart devices and can be connected to a facility management program or retrofitted to do so. Only the accessories, such as the toilet brush, are not smart.

  • Can the SanTRAL® Plus devices that are not smart be retrofitted to become smart?

    Yes, all SanTRAL® Plus devices are Smart Ready, meaning that smart function can be retrofitted. A Smart Retrofit Kit is available for every product in the SanTRAL® series. Dispensers can be retrofitted in a few simple steps.

  • How do I obtain an Kanary license?

    To obtain an Kanary license, you can contact us via the Kanary website and thus purchase a license. First, we will talk to you about your requirements and then we can tailor the service solution to your needs.